Beauty and the Beast

James has an 11 year old Siberian Husky named Niki (aka “the beast”) who looks and acts great for her age. Today, I was snowed in with no food, so I took Niki on an adventure to Trader Joe’s to gather provisions…there was no doubt that she was in her element while trekking through the powder and across the ice. As other pedestrians noted aloud, we looked picture perfect in the snow (and I like to think my huge faux fur hat helped). I suggested to Niki that we run because she kept stopping to sniff about and I was COLD. But after a few close calls, I elected to walk in order to avoid slipping on the ice and breaking my tailbone.

The adventure was surprisingly fun and I am looking forward to many future runs with Niki after the snow melts. To those of you who are always trying to find a bareable, if not enjoyable, form of exercise – I would suggest you take a dog for a jog. Borrow one if you must, but just try it!

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