Tonight James and I were supposed to host a holiday party, but due to SNOWMAGGEDON 2008, our soul guest was the neighbor, Brenda, who only had to trek 10 feet through the snowflakes. Finally fed up with boredom, our party of three chose to brave the blizzard and take off for the Capitol Hill bar scene, picked up and transported in an Audi A8 by Brenda’s doctor friend. I am not sure why we had such cabin fever, considering that James and I had been out and about all afternoon and Brenda had just returned from having drinks with a man she met on The snow was no match for my Lexus SUV or her date’s Range Rover! I think, I mean I KNOW, that everyone in Seattle is wishing they had all-wheel drive cars right now.

Interestingly enough, weeks ago when we had planned this party, we named it “Baby, it’s cold outside.”

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