Christmas cheer?

With all of the snow still on the ground, holiday preparations have been near impossible, much less actually enjoyable. As dreamy as a “white Christmas” can be, it seems as though the blizzard could not have hit at a more inopportune time – especially for last minute Christmas shoppers such as myself. Sadly enough, some of my favorite presents for my loved ones will not arrive in time for Christmas, despite a guarantee from the vendor. I’m sure there was probably a clause in the terms and conditions that counteracted any delivery-by-Christmas promise in the case of adverse weather conditions. Not that I blame them. I just wish I had not elected for online Christmas shopping. Bah humbug! Can we move Christmas to next week?

Really though, the older I get, the more Christmas becomes a chore rather than a holiday. Halloween, for example, is so much more fun and a hell of a lot less stressful. I’m all about generosity and the Christmas spirit, but isn’t there such thing as overkill? And why are we REQUIRED to spend Christmas with certain people? Maybe we’d find more holiday cheer with the people whose company we actually enjoyed, such as our best friends, rather than that crazy aunt or obnoxious cousin… Once again, you aren’t faced with such expectations for other holidays.

One more thing. What happened to Christmas lights? The houses are so sparse this year…is it because (a) we have more to do and less time to do it all (b) we are becoming lazier with each passing year (c) the shitty economy or (d) something else?

Ok, I’m done. Merry Christmas! I do love Christmas, but in the midst of so many changes happening all around me, Christmas is somewhat of a struggle this year.

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