life is beautiful

A dear middle-aged friend and mother of three once said “life gets better with every year.” I didn’t realize how much this statement had an impact on me until I was at her house on Christmas Eve two ago and a similar subject came up at the dinner table. I reminded her of what she had said to me so many years ago and revealed that I had been holding onto that hope ever since. She still stands by it and I am still holding onto it.

Some days leave me inspired and some nights leave me drained. Sometimes I wonder, what’s the point of it all? And sometimes I am paralyzed with marveling at the beauty of it all. This moment is a gift and that is why we call it the present. I may experience life as one giant roller coaster, but, armed with the conviction that those draining moments will dissipate into increasingly more of the inspiring moments, I am confident that once the ride is over, I will leave satisfied.

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