life is complicated

And there is no way around it. There will never be enough – love, success, satisfaction, power or wealth. There will always be betrayal as it is part of human nature. You can never be prepared for the future when you never truly know what’s next. Life throws curve balls. All the time. The key, and the only means for avoiding that lost feeling, is to accept rather than resist. You don’t need to wear rose colored glasses, but you don’t need to be a cynic. For a certain degree of sanity and overall satisfaction with your life on this earth, you should try your best to be aware and willing to see the positive in both positive and negative situations. And trying your best is as perfect as you can be.

I use the word “you” loosely. I am not preaching or telling people what to think and how to act. I am trying to work out some thoughts in my head by writing them down. In fact, the alleged “you” should be “I.”

There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.

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