the backyard house

James and I don’t even know how or when we started looking at houses. It wasn’t a conscious effort. I think it happened naturally because we appreciate cool architecture and looking at houses is a favorite past time for us both…but all we really know is that we found one we love. It’s perfect. It has everything we want, including: a rooftop deck with great view, huge floor to ceiling windows, modern design, open floor plan, nice bath tub, double headed shower, lots of storage, an office nook, a backyard, a fireplace…the list goes on.

We have now looked at the house with two agents, driven by it multiple times, and even walked there in the snow. Romantic, no? But as much as we’d love to make an offer on it together, both of us already own our places. I have a one bedroom condo in Belltown and he has a three bedroom townhome in Central District (back side of Capitol hill). So, it’s complicated.

We have agreed that if it’s meant to be, it will happen. We’re trying not to let our emotions get the best of us, instead electing to practice patience, rational thought and self-control. We are using the dream house as a motivator to start moving in the right direction…because it’s time for a fresh start.

(Look at the photo…doesn’t his car already look like it belongs?)

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