Banya 5: A Sanctuary in the City

A spa day. Everyone who loves to be pampered deserves one every once in a while, whether it is homemade in your bathtub or professional in a fancy facility.

Banya 5, a Russian spa in downtown Seattle, provides an experience that is affordable and truly luxurious, yet without breaking the bank. Entry is $35, less than half the usual price of $80 (not including tip) for a one hour massage, and better yet, there is no time limit on how long you can stay. So, guests can enjoy the hot tub, steam room, dry sauna, cold plunge pool, saltwater bath, and tea room for as long as their hearts desire.

Of course, if you have more dough to spend, additional services such as massages and scrubs are available. On the other hand, if you need an excuse to spend $35 in these turbulent economic times, do it for your health. Too often, Americans treat the symptoms of disease, a habit that costs far more money and time than simple and pleasurable preventative measures.

According to the Banya 5 health fact sheet, the health benefits of alternating radiant heat and invigorating cold include stimulating lymphatic flow, activating fluid circulation, stimulating the immune system, and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. Sweating, which you do a lot of in the steam room and sauna, is well-known for its detoxifying and deep cleansing of the body. To read more, visit this page of the Banya 5 site:

I visited Banya yesterday after a rainy bike ride. The steam room felt especially soothing to my tightening muscles. The whirlpool jets gave my back a very gentle and deserved massage. The dry sauna was incredibly hot yet satisfying. The cold plunge pool woke up every cell in my body. The saltwater bath was strangely relaxing. And the complementary tea and lemon-infused water in the lounge upstairs provided the perfect refreshment. I recommend that you visit the spa after a particularly vigorous workout or on a brutally cold winter day. But I will warn that you may become addicted…

For more information, visit

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