Can you hear wedding bells?

It is amazing how quickly life can change.

Last summer, I was a (very) single and independent young woman with a great job. I lived on my own in my Belltown condominium that I bought with my very own money, I had many friends and an active social life, I went out to bars and restaurants frequently, and I could frequently be found at the gym, taking yoga, boxing, or spinning classes.

This summer, I am planning my wedding to the love of my life and I am (very) unemployed. My favorite activity is hanging out with my fiance, James, and my adorable three year old soon-to-be stepson, Emile. My social life is centered around girls’ nights and movie nights. I still go to restaurants once in a while, but money is a whole lot tighter (take-out, anyone?). I’m trying to get rid of my condominium and mortgage payments anyway that I can. I now practice yoga in the comfort of my own home. I also spend a lot more time with my dear parents, sister and brother.

I guess most lives don’t change quite this fast. James and I do have a slightly unusual story. After knowing each other for about a year in a professional environment (I was his client!), through a series of unusual events, we ran into one another on October 31, 2008 – Halloween. Sparks flew. After following me from a Capitol Hill club to a Belltown bar and falling under the spell of one another, he looked me right in the eyes and said, “I think we like each other…am I right?” His honesty and direct approach blew me away. I was speechless and all I could do was smile coyly. Poor guy.

From that night on, we have been inseparable. One night, just a few days after Halloween, we stayed up all night talking on the phone for 10 straight hours. How is that even possible? We fell in love hard and fast, knowing immediately that we would spend the rest of our lives together. I love him with every piece of me.

Besides the void of unemployment, my life is full. Full of love and joy. I pray to my angels every day, giving thanks and praise for these gifts and for the precious love that I have found. In fact, I feel richer than ever.

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