bills, bills, bills

How do I manage to accumulate so many bills? Car insurance, medical insurance, homeowner’s insurance, dental bills, medical bills, homeowner’s association dues, mortgage payment, credit card payment…I feel like I’m missing a few. I live pretty meagerly, too – my mother trims my hair and I haven’t been to a Starbucks or a movie theatre in ages. But there was nothing I could do to avoid removing my wisdom teeth when excruciating pain started taking over my jaw. I also made the (huge) mistake of purchasing a condominium when times were brighter and my income seemed reliable. Meanwhile, I have had a few other unexpected expenses and more on the horizon. Looks like my near-perfect credit score is about to become history.

I know I am venting, but really, when will it all stop? I guess…never. The only thing I can do now is cross my fingers and hope that it gets easier.

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