Are people afraid of progress?

…this is what came to mind when I heard about the “screaming matches” taking place at the town hall meetings regarding the health-care bill. 

It makes me sick when I hear that so many are opposed to taxing the wealthy (defined as having a salary greater than $250,000 per year) in order to make health-care affordable for all. Too many of us are barely scraping by, and the millionaires are complaining that we’re taking their money away. One less ultra-fancy dinner for them, more money to the taxman, and maybe one more person could live. 
Besides, we all know that you don’t gain massive amounts of wealth (and I’m talking multi, multi-millionaires) without stepping on someone else’s toes and/or being born into extremely fortunate circumstances. When will Americans learn that it is better to give than to receive? We are so obsessed with our own selfish desires that we can’t see that some people’s needs are much greater than our own. Such as an uninsured mother who has found a tumor in her breast. 
And if you believe Sarah Palin’s “death panel” theory that universal health-care will translate to rationing of care, I suggest you read this article: The “death panels” are already here. I want to ask Sarah Palin, as well as any opponent to the bill: Have YOU ever been without health insurance? If America believes that every man is created equal, why is there so much inequality? Life is our greatest gift, shouldn’t everyone have the same opportunity to stay alive?
Most of all, I’d like to know, where is the compassion?

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