Baby cravings…

Ahhh, I have them! Do I have them because I am pregnant or just because I’m me? I’ve wanted to be a momma since I knew that it was possible. I remember playing *house* when I was in kindergarten and I adored playing the mom to my best friend’s little sister. Then, a few months shy of my seventh birthday, I was blessed with a baby brother. My greatest wish was finally fulfilled, I had a little sibling to love and care for. My maternal instinct has always been strong, so these cravings are no surprise and not exactly new, just maybe more intense. I find myself wishing that I had known my stepson when he was a baby. I feel like I missed out on such a brief and beautiful part of his life.

No matter the reason for my baby cravings, I am yearning to meet my little bean. I never thought I’d be a mom at 24, but now I couldn’t imagine it any other way. It feels…right. Like this is how it’s all supposed to happen. Today marked 18 weeks, which is the first day of my 5th month. I have officially completed 4 months and have approximately 5 more months to enjoy! 

Meanwhile, I have a few other things to look forward to in the next month including the ultrasound on August 27th, my dear husband’s birthday on August 30th, Bumbershoot over Labor Day weekend, and our honeymoon to Hawaii in September. I can’t wait to have 10 whole days with James, no work and all play! (Hopefully.) We’ve both been working hard lately, especially him, and a vacation is just what we need to keep our sanity. Especially before this little baby makes an appearance!

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