A night at the ocean

For many of us city dwellers, we often find ourselves with the insatiable desire for something quieter, slower and most importantly, closer to nature. Hence, the ever-popular weekend getaway. James I needed one of those this weekend. We decided on Friday evening (last minute plans are so underrated!) to go camping by the ocean in Long Beach, WA the next day.

After waking up Saturday morning, we threw a few things in the car and took off, taking a pit stop at my parents’ house for crepes and a certain tent. I called various campgrounds to make reservations while James drove. Most had no availability due to the Washington State International Kite Festival taking place on the beach this weekend, but we did find a place. More RV’s than tents, which is opposite of what we would have preferred, but beggars can’t be choosers.
James and I were definitely the most unprepared campers in the place. We set up our tent, filled it with sleeping pads and bedding, and were done. Our neighbors on both sides had portable tables (no picnic tables here), chairs, lanterns, barbeques…and who knows what else. We had a tiny cooler and a camping stove that we never ended up using. I had been excited to make s’mores, but since we forgot to stop and buy marshmallows and chocolate, we snacked on graham crackers.
And James marveled about how he had not snacked on a graham cracker since his childhood.
The one piece of equipment that we did consider a necessity was our Nikon D90 camera. We were looking forward to some pretty scenery for shooting. Photos are below.
Despite a fitful night of sleep and very little preparation, the trip was a success. We had nothing to do after dark besides lay on a blanket on the ground, stare at the night sky, search for stars through the clouds, watch the airplanes, and of course, talk. At one point I was laughing so hard that I was afraid of disturbing the neighbors. At least they knew that the unprepared couple who arrived just before dinner with nothing but a tent were having fun too.

playing on the boardwalk

my sweet husband

the ocean

kite festival

bear kite!

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