Motherhood is simply heavenly and I am enjoying every second with my little angel. I now understand why mamas are so attached to their children, and why it sometimes makes them a bit crazy 😉 One of the reasons we chose the name Giovanna is because it means “God is gracious.” And it is so true! Her middle name is Faith as we hope that she will always have faith in God, in life, and in herself.

Although Giovanna is no longer physically attached to me, I feel so spiritually connected to her (actually she is attached to my boob right now, but I meant by the umbilical chord). I think about how mothers so lovingly care for their tiny babies…and how much love and energy it demands. I encourage you to thank your own mom, whether it is in person, over the phone or by offering up a little prayer. I look at Giovanna every day and hope that she knows how much I love and adore her…of course, babies don’t understand much, but I feel like she has to know deep down…somewhere in a corner of her soul.

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