call me crazy, but…

I am proud to announce that I am about to begin cloth diapering my baby girl’s tiny little behind. Yes, it means more laundry. Stinky laundry, at that. Stop holding your noses, it won’t be too bad. I’m serious. At least not until she starts eating solids…is it ok if I exclusively breastfeed Giovanna until she is potty trained? J/K. Anyways, here are the reasons why I’m not too worried, even EXCITED, about the piles of stinky laundry on the horizon:

1. First of all, I will be saving the planet. I mean, I will be doing my part to save the planet. Did you know that babies make up to a half a TON of diapers each year? Not my baby, since I buy the compostable diapers with no scary chemicals or chlorine. But these diapers are damn expensive. So the better, guilt-free alternative is cloth. And something tells me that it takes a long time for these diapers to compost.

2. Diaper rash. We’ve been battling diaper rash since this sweet girl was just about 2 weeks old. Often the rash will fade and leave just a pink little bottom. Stop crying for Giovanna, it’s not painful. Maybe it causes a little discomfort, but there’s no way to be completely sure. Unless you speak babyese (anyone?). But no matter what, no mama wants her baby to have a pink bottom. In relentless pursuit to have Giovanna’s cute little bottom match her cute little tummy, I will try just about anything. If the most natural disposable diapers you can buy don’t cut it, I’ll go to the next step up. 100% organic cotton diapers. Plus I can feel less guilty about the frequent changes that are also necessary to vanquish the diaper rash since I’m not throwing away $5 every time I change a diaper. Ok, it’s not quite that much, but it feels like it.

3. Those fluffy baby bottoms. Babies just look so stinking (literally?) cute in cloth diapers. Not to mention the colors. Cloth diapering in 2010 is very different from cloth diapering in 1985. You have a plethora of choices including flat diapers or prefolds with covers, pocket diapers, all-in-one diapers, and all-in-two diapers. They come in pretty much every color you can think of, and some are just as easy to put on as the ‘sposies.

4. Apparently the laundry isn’t that bad. I have yet to attest to this fact, but plenty of moms have. On the mama message boards that I frequent, they say that diaper laundry is their favorite laundry (don’t ask me) and it doesn’t even require any folding. They say that it helps to get other laundry done as well — if you’re already in the laundry room, why not throw in another load? As long as Giovanna is exclusively breastfed, the poop washes right out of the diapers and there’s no need to flip anything in the toilet. Once she starts eating solids, if I really can’t handle the poop, there are disposable liners that flush right down the toilet. The options for cloth diapering are seemingly endless.

Saving the planet. Out-smarting diaper rash. Cute fluffy bottom. Better for my family’s financial health. See what I mean? A box of cloth diapers are currently in transit to my doorstep and I am eagerly awaiting their arrival.

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