elderberry and tea sales

Today was a good day.

Most importantly, I feel better. The last few days I have been plagued by an awful sore throat, which escalated yesterday after a particularly sleepless night (it should go without saying that all nights are somewhat sleepless with a very hungry 2 month old). Even worse was that Giovanna had a slightly runny nose and was coughing more than usual. It’s tortuous to see your tiny baby even a little sick. I started taking elderberry syrup yesterday at the advice of Giovanna’s naturopathic doctor since it will pass into my breast milk. This stuff is worse than a shot of the cheapest vodka you can find. One teaspoon sent shivers up and down my body. It’s potent, but I dare say that it may be working. Well, I guess it’s working in conjunction with the echinacea and goldenseal tablets, overdose of vitamin C (1000 mg every 3-4 hours) organic grapefruit seed extract (not as painful as the elderberry, but definitely the most bitter thing I have ever tasted…grapefruit seed extract epitomizes bitter), cup after cup of hot tea with lemon, and plenty of fresh fruit. This is in addition to my thrice-daily multivitamin, fenugreek capsules (an herb for healthy lactation), calcium (I’ve recently stopped eating dairy, more on that later), iron (I’m slightly anemic) and vitamin D (I live in a sunshine-starved city). Yes, I take a lot of pills.

What else? I went to deliver an order of my teas to a nearby coffee shop (Soho Coffee in Seattle) and the owner told me that his sales have doubled since he started serving my tea. DOUBLED. Not only that, but one of his customers comes every day for a cup of my “Forget Hangovers” tea. Apparently she likes to party. Every night. My sister claims that I am going to be rich because my hangover tea is a magical cure for the dreaded morning-after. Herbal Philosophy has taken a backseat since Giovanna’s birth. Actually, it’s farther back than the backseat, it’s probably in the trunk. I knew that being a WAHM (work-at home mom) wasn’t going to be easy, but I’ve found it pretty much impossible. Hoping that I will have more time for my business once little Giovanna gets bigger. Literally. She is still so tiny and she has such a tiny tummy that she wants to eat all the time. And when she sleeps, she wants to be held. And when she is awake, I want to interact with her. So you can see how it’s difficult to get much of anything done. Not that I’m complaining, I cherish every moment with my sweet pea. I just had to explain why I’ve been neglecting my other baby, Herbal Philosophy. But that doesn’t mean I’m not continually plotting how I will eventually take over the herbal tea world.

Next on the list…my mom came over today. She even brought with her the special hypo-allergenic, biodegradable laundry detergent that I need for washing my cloth diapers. Not to mention yummy soup from Whole Foods, a vegan oat bar from Caffe Ladro, organic satsumas, and a few magazines (my favorite being Vogue with Giselle on the cover). We went on a walk, cooed over the baby and I even got to dye my hair while she entertained the babe! I’ve had a box of Natural Instincts dark brown hair color sitting on my bathroom counter since the end of January and I’ve never had the chance to use it. Meanwhile, my very dark brown roots have been contrasting ever so annoyingly with my highlighted tips. I didn’t want to dye my hair while pregnant although I really just wanted my natural hair color back. Natural Instincts is a temporary dye (WAY less harmful) so I’ll have to continually redo it until the highlights are completely grown out, but at least I won’t be completely sacrificing my virgin roots.

Enough about my hair. Now for the REAL highlight of my day, and then I have to go. Giovanna and I had a great conversation today while I was giving her a nice massage and enjoying her whisper soft, golden brown skin. It sounded like this:

me: hiiiiiii pretty baby!
Giovanna: oooo
me: hiiiii!! are you talkin’?
Giovanna: aaahhhh-ooooo
me: do you like being massaged?
Giovanna: ahhhhh
me: oooohhh happy baby!
Giovanna: ahhhh-ooooo

And so on. It was priceless.

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