a less travelled path

Today, James pushed a too-long Emile in a too-small stroller and I “wore” Giovanna in the handy-dandy Moby Wrap as we briskly walked the 2.4 mile loop at Seward Park in Seattle. Less people and more beautiful than the immensely popular 2.8 mile loop at Green Lake across the city. While we were reveling in the flora and fauna, I became curious as to why the latter, Green Lake, is more popular. At Green Lake, the scenery includes cutesy houses and a small polluted lake. At Seward Park, you are surrounded by a lush forest on one side and the glassy, immense fresh waters of Lake Washington on the other.

I love Green Lake, I really do. But I have found myself avoiding it on fresh, spring days (like today) as to also avoid the droves of cyclists, rollerbladers, runners, walkers, etc. I prefer to walk in peace, without being run down by an overzealous child on his bike. And I can say that because my stepson would be the overzealous child taking you out if my husband and I didn’t regulate.

So, for you Seattle-ites looking for somewhere different to sweat off that mocha, Seward Park comes highly recommended by yours truly. I’m too generous to withhold this kind of information, but I will have to keep my fingers crossed that Seward Park stays somewhat under the radar.

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