a baby’s gotta suck

Call me Human Pacifier. Because that’s what I am. My darling daughter refuses the plastic kind (BPA free, duh), but she loves to suck. Usually on my nipple. Despite my persistence, she doesn’t care for the plastic kind and when I offer one, she looks at me like this:

“Mom, are you crazy? Why would I suck on this hard, cold thing when I know that you’ll eventually have to give in and give me your soft, yummy, glorious nipple to suck on and squishy, warm breast to snuggle up to. Plus, you smell so good.”

Ok, fine. I’m all about attachment parenting, feeding on demand, breast is best, etc. So, it’s all good. Until I have to go to the bathroom. Or until my nipple falls off.

Alas, there is a glimmer of hope appearing on the horizon. Giovanna is becoming more adept at sucking on her hand each day. This results in surprisingly loud smacking noises because this girl doesn’t suck lightly. Sucking is serious business for a baby. It means the difference between food or no food. Life or death. Like I said, serious business.

I tried to use our giant mirror and my iPhone (please forgive the subpar quality) to take a picture of this feat:

And if you are squeamish about breast feeding…shame on you. Just kidding. Kinda. But really, a woman’s bosom was created to bring nourishment and comfort to her babies. There are few things in this world less beautiful or natural.

One more thing. You may be wondering why I have allowed myself to become a Human Pacifier. Two main reasons:

1. You can’t spoil a 10 week old baby. Their wants are the same as their needs. If only my wants were the same as my needs…those candy-coated, only-comes-once-a-year chocolate eggs sweetly calling to me right now would be all gone and I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about it because I needed them. Until Emile wakes up tomorrow and asks why the Easter bunny didn’t bring him any candy.

2. When Giovanna is upset and James or I are holding her against a shoulder trying to calm or burp her, she will turn her head and howl in our faces, sometimes even bobbing her little forehead against our chins just so she can be sure that we are fully aware of her distress. And 10 times out of 10, she wants the booby to make her feel better. Scroll up. Look at that little face. Now you know.

That is all.

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