got milk?

I have plenty of breast milk. It’s the cheese that I’m missing.

About 2 weeks ago, I decided to stop eating dairy. I mean, I decided to TRY to stop eating dairy. I knew it would be difficult, but I thought it might be a little fun. Maybe force me to get more creative with my meal choices. The latter has turned out to be true, but not the former. It’s not that fun and it’s really hard. Especially when Sunday rolls around.

Why would I attempt such a feat?

1. I’ve questioned human consumption of dairy from a health standpoint for a while now. Intuitively, it doesn’t seem right. Human milk is for baby humans and cow’s milk is for baby cows. Maybe humans started drinking cow’s milk because it flows fairly abundantly from a lactating cow, and maybe we were hungry. But I’m personally not going hungry anytime soon, and I have plenty of other options for protein, fat, and calcium.

2. Gas, and not the kind you put in your car. My breastfed baby can sometimes be a little gassy and I feel it is my duty as her mother to make sure that my diet is not causing her any pain. The immature digestive system of babies is often irritated by the protein in cow’s milk. I still haven’t been able to fully deduce whether or not this is the case, but it’s not looking good for dairy’s side of the argument.

3. Ericka over at alabaster cow says that once she quit dairy, her cellulite disappeared (read about it here). C’mon people, that’s amazing. Even Gisele has cellulite. Well ok, probably not. But let’s pretend. Maybe since it worked for Ericka, it will work for me. After all we both have a baby daughter, we both blog, and we both graduated high school virgins. Which means that we earned our white wedding dresses. Never mind that I was pregnant when I got married.

So…I will admit that I have cheated on this whole “no dairy” thing. Like last Sunday when I went to the French creperie, knowing very well that the French language probably doesn’t even have a word for “vegan.” I dutifully ordered a ratatouille crepe, which was the only savory crepe sans cheese. But I could taste the butter, eggs and milk hiding in the crepe batter. Plus, I grew up helping my mom make crepes in our kitchen and our own recipe calls for milk and eggs.

Why did I end up at a restaurant that I knew wouldn’t cater to my dietary restrictions? Well, the place we intended to eat at that day had a line out the door and the 3 year old was getting very impatient. But the truth is that I secretly want to be French, which you can read about here. By the way, the French woman who worked there definitely was not fat.

Then, I accidentally ate garlic bread and lemon meringue pie at Easter dinner last night (like I said, Sundays) and little Giovanna had a full-on freak out around midnight last night, spitting up and *tooting* more than usual. The fussiness has also carried over to today. (Milk proteins take some time to get out of your system.) Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

I am going to try another week or two with out the cow’s stuff to see if I notice a change in Giovanna. Or in my booty. Either way, I am not nearly as dedicated as Ericka, and I will continue to pray that I can start eating yogurt and cheese again soon. I think that it’s common for babies to grow out of these sensitivities as they get older. If you have any experience with a breastfed baby being sensitive to foods in your diet, I would love to hear about it.

In other news, the Easter egg hunt at my house took place at 6:30 am yesterday. Emile would not budge on this one. He looked something like this when he woke up:

I won’t show you what I looked like because it was not quite so cute.

But it’s ok because my mom, dad, sister and brother all came over for dinner and we drank Veuve Clicquot Rosé Champagne. I almost considered giving the baby pumped milk from my emergency freezer stash so that I could drink more than a few sips. Almost. But when it came down to it, I couldn’t bare to subject her to the bottle that she hates so much. Maybe when she gets a little older…and I get a little more desperate.


  1. Lucy, I have heard very similar info about abstaining from dairy products while breast-feeding. Anything that could give me gas, could give baby gas. Since I am somewhat lactose intolerant (most people seem to be these days, but much more prevelent in Asians)I stopped all cow’s milk comsumption and most dairy products altogether for about 6 months. Before that I could literally hear Shayla’s stomach gurgling and see it moving trying to pass it. I also stayed away from certain green veggies, fruit juice, and anything with citric acid. Now that she’s about 10 months she has no gas problems whatsoever. Needless to say that I hope she doesn’t comsume dairy products for years to come because of all the health issues it can cause or contribute to. Feel better soon!


    1. Tai Tai!! So happy to see you on my blog. I actually started eating dairy again (I couldn’t take it anymore) and didn’t notice much of a difference with Giovanna. Go figure. I’ve since cut back again since I really don’t believe that dairy is very good for us…it’s just so yummy. Fresh mozzarella is one of my favorite foods. But when Giovanna starts eating food (soon), I’m going to avoid giving her dairy at all. I’d be interested in hearing what foods Shayla eats and likes!


  2. When do you think you’ll start baby G on solids? We tried Shayla at about 5 1/2 months but she would get so upset and confused about the bizarre rice cereal in her mouth that it was quite a stressful experience. I would say it wasn’t something that she did willingly until almost 7 months (so we didn’t force her, just waited for her to be ready). I started with veggies first so she would not be picky and wind up only wanting sweet fruits! I make all her food from scratch and strickly organic, it is much more economical as well as peace of mind for mama: ) She LOVES sweet potatoes, bananas, and berries (but the citric acid will attack her sensative skin- you know, when it exits!) and will get upset if she can’t feed herself puffed rice! Can’t wait to see messy food on face and in hair pictures of baby G… Shayla has too many to count ❤


    1. Planning on starting Giovanna on solids towards the end of the month! Pretty excited about it 🙂 And I am going to do the exact same thing as you — homemade and strictly organic AND starting with veggies rather than fruits. Intuitively, I thought this was the right way to go and I am so glad to hear that you did the same thing. I will admit I have let G suck on a few things — banana, strawberry, grapefruit, carrot, and nectarine. I guess I need to get away from the sweet stuff! We’re in the market for a high chair right now to prepare…


  3. I just found this post in looking through your archive. Are you still dairy-free, as well as Gigi? I was once a vegan, and giving up dairy was the last thing on my list to give up. It was hard, but, over time, I learned so many other options that I didn’t miss it as much. Now that I’m not a vegan, however, I’m hooked, again. 🙂


    1. Haha. No. I was only vegan for 2 weeks (maybe). Not sure I can ever do it again. And you know what? Gigi has no problem with dairy now. It’s funny to read this post because it seems so *immature* somehow. It’s even funnier because last night completely RANDOMLY I texted my husband this picture of Emile because I thought it was so sweet. Now, by reading my blog, I see that this is a picture from Easter 2010. Who knew?? Nice synchronicity to have this picture show up twice in less than a day.


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