Yes. I spelled cheese like “cheeze” for a reason. You may know from yesterday’s post that I am not currently consuming dairy. And this means that I’ve had to get more creative while cooking dinner for my family. Not necessarily a bad thing, right?

Mac’n’cheese is a favorite of James and Emile. I was quite curious as to what the vegan version would taste like and how it would satisfy these two cheese lovers. So, I bought two condiments that are completely new to me, brown rice miso and tahini, and I followed the recipe. Exactly. Well, almost. I used pre-brought whole wheat bread crumbs rather than processing my own. (Can you really blame me?) It’s almost unheard of for me to follow a recipe exactly. I like to “improvise,” adding my own twists to make it healthier and/or yummier. Usually healthier.

The outcome was a creamy, yummy pasta. It was so good, in fact, that I made it for the second time tonight. Not exactly reminiscent of mac’n’cheese, but tasty in it’s own right. I didn’t tell James that it was vegan, for fear that he would cast unfair judgment upon the dish before even trying it. I would call my husband a fairly critical and picky eater, and he cares far more about a dish tasting good than the fat or calorie content.

What did he think of the mac’n’cheeze?

“It’s very good. And I’m sure very healthy, too.”

Did he say it was healthy because he KNOWS me, and knows that if I put that much effort into making something new and rather complicated, it’s got to be healthy? Or because he could taste the healthiness? Not sure. But I thought maybe the fattiness of the pasta (I said it was healthy, not low-fat) would disguise the health factor. Maybe if I had used white pasta rather than whole wheat, he would have been tricked.

Not that James doesn’t like healthy food. I just like to trick him.

And Emile? He finished all of his dinner without a battle, making this mac’n’cheeze “kid-approved.”

You can find the recipe here, at VeganYumYum.

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