write it down

Write it down. This is what I hear from veteran mothers. Write down the funny, cute, sweet, outrageous things that your children do so that you can remember it when they are rebellious teenagers with an attitude whom you would rather strangle than hug. Between sleep deprivation and endless dirty diapers, you’d be surprised at how blurry that first year becomes. Or so I hear.

Sure, you can scrapbook. Scrapbooking is great. Didn’t someone say that a picture is worth a thousand words? I have a blank scrapbook all ready to be filled with pictures of my baby girl. I even had the photos printed. They just have yet to make their way onto the pages. Because scrapbooking doesn’t captivate my attention the way writing does.

I write. I love to write. Which is why I adore this gift from one of my bestest friends, Solveig. It’s a baby journal called “The First 1000 Days.” You can buy it here. So, although the scrapbook pages are still empty, I am quickly filling up the pages of my baby journal. And therefore not a complete failure as a mother.

One more tip for mamas who really don’t want to miss a thing, thanks to another one of my bestest friends, Jenna (I only have a few of these, I swear). Create an email address for your baby. Whenever you want to record a memory or write your darling, perfect child a love letter, you can send it to his/her email. Resist sending hate mail when your perfect child has become an unloveable teenager begging to be strangled. Some day you will want to give your child the password to this email account. But I’m sure you’re not worried about this because your child will always be perfect, right? I know mine will.
Just be sure to use YOUR birthday when signing up for an email address. Or else the email client may remember that someone from your computer once tried to create an email address using the birthday 1/20/2010 and never let you sign up for another email address again (ahem, Gmail). Computers are too smart for their own good.
You can thank me when you actually have an answer to the question, “mom, what was I like when I was a baby?”
And I’d love to hear what you do to preserve special memories in your life!

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