ponytails, flowers, and chocolate oh my

You already know that Emile is possessive of his Daddy (read about it here). But I want to tell you a few other things this silly, sweet, and scheming kid has done this week. And it’s only Wednesday.
Emile came home from preschool yesterday looking like this:
Yeah, don’t worry about it. This was a very serious hairstyle for Emile. It took a lot of coercing for him to allow us to remove the ponytail holders.
Silly, no?
After dinner we took a family walk. Emile on his skuut. James walking our dog, Nikki. And me “wearing” Giovanna. Great fun. But we didn’t get too far because Emile wanted to stop every 25 feet to pick a new flower for Mama Lucy. Or pine cone. Or dandelion. Or blade of grass. I had a bona fide bouquet by the time we got home.
Sweet, huh?
On Monday, Emile was at his mother’s house. He insisted that he’s allowed to have chocolate before dinner at Daddy’s house. Yeah. Right. Because this evil stepmother thinks that small children should only be given very small amounts of sugar. And certainly not before dinner. No wonder the kid savors the childrens vitamins I bought for him. He’s been known to fake a cough because he thinks that if he’s “sick,” we’ll give him another sugary vitamin. Little addict. So anyways, Adina (Emile’s mom) called James to catch her son in a lie. And show him that Mommy and Daddy do talk, and he can’t pit one against the other for chocolate.
Scheming, right?

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