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I’m going to talk about something Seattle-related today. So I apologize if you do not hail from this fine, rainy city. But if you are a book lover, you may enjoy this post anyways.

Seattle is home to a well-known, independently-owned bookstore aptly named Elliott Bay Book Company. The city sits on Elliott Bay and the book store has been located just blocks from the waterfront since the seventies in a downtown neighborhood popular with tourists and vagrants alike. Pioneer Square. Their website says that Elliott Bay Books is legendary. And I suppose it is. The book store has hosted over 3,000 author readings of both famous and unknown writers, many of the latter whom went on to become famous.

Recently, the book store, a staple of Pioneer Square, made the bold (and very smart) decision to relocate to Seattle’s most eclectic and liberal neighborhood, Capitol Hill. Into the space where a Ford truck service center once occupied. Next to a hipster cafe, Oddfellows, and a swing and salsa dancing mecca, Century Ballroom. A block party, complete with a local band, homemade ice cream and gourmet cupcakes, welcomed the book store to the neighborhood last week. The Seattle University newspaper noted that “only in Seattle, America’s most literate city, could such a raucous celebration mark a bookstore opening.” 

James and I are book store lovers, so we were pretty thrilled to spend today’s sunny, balmy afternoon on a long walk to check out the brand new Elliott Bay Books. Giovanna slept soundly in her carrier, snuggled against my chest, and Nikki was thrilled to leave her mark all over the city. By her third poop, we had run out of bags, and she decided to take a shit smack dab in front of the police station. In case you were wondering, it’s illegal not to pick up your dog’s shit in Seattle. 


Elliott Bay Books was the most crowded book store I have ever seen. I was shocked that it could contain so many people yet remain so quiet. The patrons hypnotized by endless rows of books, books and more books. The store is beautiful, too. Soft wood floors. Brick-exposed walls. Wide open spaces. Today, rays of sunshine streamed in through the skylights. But the store is obviously equally cozy on a gray day as on a sunny day. 

Lured into the “staff picks” wall, I noted at least five titles to add to my reading queue. I am infatuated with this unique book store (no offense, Barnes & Noble, but you are kinda boring in comparison) and look forward to spending lazy Sundays browsing the cedar shelves and hanging out in the foodie-renowned cafe.

(image courtesy of king5.com)

the space before Elliott Bay Books got to it (image courtesy of capitolhillseattle.com)

Also on the subject of books, I think that Miss Giovanna may share her parent’s love of reading. When James or I read to her, she reacts with big smiles and coos. It’s priceless.

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