first laughs and silly hats

I appreciated the comments to yesterday’s post regarding the oil spill. And I have more to say about that. But first, something exciting happened in my life last night.

Giovanna busted up laughing for the first time. Not a sleep giggle or a shriek of delight. Her first real, throaty laughter from her gut. First of many. James was holding her and I was dancing for her. Doing all sorts of crazy moves. I got moves, you know? Just ask James. And Giovanna.
(She is currently battling with Daddy over the BPA-free plastic pacifier, who has still not given up after 3 months of pacifier refusal. The human pacifier needs a 5 minute break. Luckily, her thumb is seeing increasing popularity, which is pretty dang cute.)
Anyways, it was one an incredible moment. To witness a new little person laugh for the first time was a gift from the heavens. An early Mother’s Day present from God. Or the universe. Or whatever you like to call that power greater than ourselves.
After James and I got over the initial shock, we laughed too. She laughed more. This pattern repeated for several minutes, until she had used up all her giggles. It was pure joy. I even recorded the last minute or so with the “Voice Memo” app on my trusty iPhone. Every time I listen to it, I start giggling. Every time. Her laughter is quite contagious.
And here she is during tummy time on the Boppy pillow.
This is a picture of Emile in his new rock star pajamas and giraffe hat. I told him he needed to “freeze” so my iPhone could capture the image. Thus, the hands frozen in the air. I really need to start using my nice camera for pictures.
Hope you are having a great weekend.

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