live ocean

Since many readers seemed quite outraged by the recent oil spill, I thought you may be interested in someone who is striving to educate today’s children about protecting our oceans. You may even be interested in helping her by making a tax-deductible donation. And she needs all the help she can get.

The non-profit organization is called Live Ocean, founded in 2009 by Julia Miller. An ocean child from birth (have you heard the Beatles song, “Julia“? Julia, ocean child…) and a competitive sailer since her youth, Julia holds a degree in Environmental Education and has worked for Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society in the Caribbean and as a tour guide in Alaska and Seattle. She is currently a Coastguard-certified Maritime Captain for Seattle’s famous Ride the Ducks.

According to their websiteLive Ocean is dedicated to inspiring the protection of our Oceans through innovative environmental education programs and interactive technologies.

In March 2011, Live Ocean will embark on a year-long oceanic voyage in a mystical Fermosa 41 ketch, uncannily resembling a pirate ship. Yes, a pirate ship. Using the internet and a video camera, Julia will document her journey for the kids. And show them what it’s really like to sail the ocean blue. The beauty. The sea creatures. The coastal communities. The litter that’s really floating around out there. The oil.

It is an interesting coincidence that Julia’s trip will take her right into the oil slick. The proposed route starts in the Pacific Northwest and moves down the west coast, Mexico, through the Panama Canal, the Caribbean, ending in Florida. Live Ocean will also chronicle how local communities along the route are doing their part to save the planet, hoping to inspire the kids to create community action plans of their own. Julia elaborates on this plan in her blog.

If you are interested in learning more about Live Ocean, visit the site, the blog, or email Julia directly at To make a tax-deductible donation via paypal, click here. Current donations will be used directly in Live Ocean’s programs, allowing the organization to reach more schools. Just $30 will sponsor a whole classroom of children.

Do it for the kids. And for the ocean. So that our grandchildren and great grandchildren may be able to safely play in the waves, taste the saltiness of the sea, and enjoy the deliciousness of freshly caught fish. It’s up to the next generation to undo the harm that we’ve brought upon the ocean. The first step is awareness. And education inspires awareness.

Here’s a picture of Captain Julia. Did I mention she’s also my sister?

Please let me know if you decide to donate!

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