farmers markets!

As I mentioned a few days ago here, I know how to make a great cup of herbal tea. And I’m not just talking about adding a Celestial Seasonings tea bag to boiling water.

No, I mean that I mix organic herbs into a perfect melange of earthy flavors. I choose each herb not only by how it tastes, but more importantly, by it’s medicinal benefits. Each of my teas has a distinct purpose. I have created a tea to bring serenity, cure hangovers, help you fall asleep and actually remember your dreams (betchya didn’t know herbs can help you dream), feel beautiful, and promote weight loss. I even have my very own love potion. A potent aphrodisiac tea made with time-tested love-inducing herbs. The proof is in my 3 month old offspring. Just kidding. Kinda.

I make these teas for Herbal Philosophy, which I founded last year when I was pregnant and unemployed, fed up with a job search that was going nowhere, and terrified by the thought of putting the delicate baby growing in my womb into daycare. (Of course, being a work-at-home mom has it’s own challenges.) Herbal Philosophy is a Certified Organic Processor by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Yes, I’m actually legit. My herbal concoctions are served at a local coffee shop, whose tea sales have doubled since they began carrying Herbal Philosophy Teas. Not bad.

And now Herbal Philosophy is officially a vendor at two Seattle farmers market. The first market of the season is next Friday, May 14th. Since farmers always have priority over crafters, I was only notified at the beginning of this week that I was accepted to these markets and I’ve been busting my butt to get everything done in time. Mixing herbs while Giovanna naps. Sprinting up and down two flights of stairs when the baby monitor alerts me of her cries. Planning my booth. Working with my extremely supportive and helpful and talented husband to design the signs. Making phone calls to secure the necessary supplies. Etc.

For example, in order to sample the teas, I have to bring a “hand washing station,” which includes a five gallon dispenser of warm water, a bucket to catch the water, soap and paper towels. Then there is the 24 pound weights required for each leg of my tent. I don’t even have a tent yet. Pain in my ass. But it’s part of the job. I just wish I had more time.

So, I apologize if I haven’t visited your blog lately. And I admit that it’s hard to keep up with my blog on top of everything else. But I love all my new bloggy friends. I love blogging. I will press on.

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