the versatile blogger award

I am honored to be recognized by Miel Abeille over at Bons Vivants with the Versatile Blogger Award. Her name is actually Melissa and she’s an optimist and a bibliophile. Her blog is pretty much guaranteed to put you in a better mood. Check it out.

According to the terms of the award, I have to tell you seven random things about myself. So…here’s another lesson in the life of Lucy. Don’t get too excited.

1. I currently have a headache because I am sleep-deprived.
2. I like to wear dresses.
3. When I was a small child, I would only wear “round and round” dresses. This meant that my dress had to balloon out when I twirled. I know. Luckily, my parents are extremely grounded and never called me “princess” or else I don’t know who I would be today. And I don’t think I’d like her.
4. I think that all of my round and round dresses came from thrift stores.
5. I studied French for 7 years and I wish I had never stopped.
6. I am terrified to be more than 100 feet away from my daughter.
7. I love Thai food. Yum.

And now I pass on the award to seven (cuz that’s my favorite number) new blogs I have recently discovered.

1. Bry at EmbraceFire
2. The Dating Divas
3. Glowin’ Girl at Sugar Tails
4. Amanda at Natural Mommie
5. Holly Renee at Love Imagine Create 
7. The Empress at Good Day, Regular People

Happy Monday to everyone!

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