i have a good mama

I’m a good mama. And I’m not afraid to say it. I put my baby first. Not only do I pay attention to her, but I love paying attention to her. I am far more interested in playing with my baby than watching a movie or doing my nails. Or shopping or making myself pretty or doing just about anything. She captivates me.

It doesn’t take too much effort to be a good mama. You just have to love your baby to pieces and strive to be as selfless as possible. I believe that most mothers, with very few exceptions, are good mamas.

That doesn’t mean we are perfect. Which I admitted to yesterday. It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s not. I’ve seen facebook profiles with constant status updates bragging about their impossibly perfect lives. Or blogs documenting a fairy tale existence. A public persona with no worries, no problems. Just sunshine and rainbows.

I prefer honesty. And imperfection.

So, even though we may yell at our toddler when he accidentally spills a tall glass of milk. Or put the baby down when she’s crying because she’s been crying for hours and you just can’t take it anymore. Or leave the dishes in the sink until tomorrow. Or serve a frozen pizza for dinner. Or let your kid watch Saturday morning cartoons so you can sleep in.

You are still a good mama. I am still a good mama. Who wants to be perfect anyways? Perfection isn’t loveable. Love is seeing an imperfect person perfectly.

You still think your child is perfect just the way he is. Even when he has fallen out so hard that the neighbors down the street can hear his temper tantrum. And you are still your child’s favorite person in the whole wide world. Even when you give her a time out. Or refuse to give him more pasta until he eats ALL of his vegetables.

We call it unconditional love. There’s nothing better than being loved unconditionally, or loving unconditionally.

Every single day of my life, I have felt unconditionally loved by my mother. (You too, dad, but father’s day is next month.) She also happens to be the most selfless person I know. Hands down. She is a fierce protector of her children. She has been and still is a great mama. And now, a grand mother. A grandmother.

And since my mother’s day post was all about my baby daughter and being a new mom, it was about time to show my own mom some love.

I love you, mom!

And for your viewing pleasure, a few pictures from Mother’s Day:

three generations
grammy and baby

mom and daughter

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