market day recap

It was a perfect day for the market. Perfect. Sunny and in the seventies. If you know Seattle, you know that people come out in droves when the weather cooperates. It’s like the bears have finally emerged from hibernation. Or something.

But maybe not a perfect day for selling tea. Some said they were too hot to even try a sample. I didn’t blame them. (Yes, Seattleites are wimps when it comes to the first days of sun and heat after a long, cold and rainy winter.) I have asked permission to sell individual cups of iced tea along with the tea tins, but must await permission from the market master. There are rules to follow and permits to obtain.

So, let me summarize the day. I sold a fair amount of tea. The market was gorgeous. Many different vendors offering many different forms of deliciousness. I enjoyed chatting with all sorts of market-goers. From a fellow blogger to a fellow mom whom I recognized from a prenatal yoga class. People were genuinely impressed by the tastiness of the teas. I made a trade with an artisan pasta vendor for a package of freshly made smoked salmon ravioli. I had a few visitors, who brightened my day. Taylor and Meredith, I am so happy you came to see me. Mom and Little Brother, I couldn’t have done it without you. Even Giovanna had a good time.

But it was a long day. I mean a loooooong day. After a night of very interrupted sleep. Immediately upon stumbling out of bed at 8 am (to say I woke at 8 am would not be accurate), I started the last-minute preparations. Juggled the baby, mixed up a few more batches of tea canisters, brewed huge pots for samples, nursed the baby, loaded the car, changed a diaper or five, slowly checked every item off of my to do list. Did I mention I was also juggling a baby? A baby who prefers to be held at all times and have my num-nums available for suckling at all times.

You may wonder, how did I sell teas at a farmers market for 4 hours with such a baby? Simple. We’ve perfected the art of nursing in the Angelpack. Not foolproof, depending on Giovanna’s mood, but its still the best $125 I’ve ever spent. And my mom is a saint. She showed up to hold and distract Giovanna with the excitement of the market. It worked. And I’ve coined Giovanna a market baby.

Despite the beautiful day and the successful completion of a major milestone for Herbal Philosophy, I am feeling down this evening. Worse than I’ve felt in a long time. It’s probably exhaustion and I’ll probably feel better in the morning. I hope. And pray.

I devoted so much energy, hard work, and money into this day at the market. And I made a pretty small profit. Actually, I had a significant loss if you want to factor in the market start-up costs. Leaving me with the question: is it worth it? I’ve done nothing but lose money and time since starting this business. When does it start paying off? Will it ever? Or is it fruitless?

Who knows. (Pretty pretty please God don’t let it be fruitless.) All I can do is keep on trucking. Show the masses that my hangover tea really does work wonders. And try not to get too discouraged in the meantime. Owning your own business is a gamble. Entrepreneurship is difficult and scary. But this is the path I chose. My path, my journey. Sure, the destination is unknown.

But I’m okay with that.

the Herbal Philosophy booth!

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