my little legs

I have a new obsession. Just a minor obsession. With baby leg warmers.

I owe it all to Nikki at My Fantabulous Wonderful Life for introducing me to the online store, My Little Legs. One pair is only $6.50. If you spend $8-$20 you get 25% off. If you spend $21-$35 you get 30% off. And so on. (Whereas the original Baby Legs cost about $12 per pair. Sorry, Baby Legs, I’m sure your product is great. I’d buy you too if was feeling richer.) Plus, the shipping at My Little Legs is free. All the qualities of becoming potentially addicting.

But that’s ok, because I can’t get over how much I love these leg warmers. Not only are they too cute for words (see below), but they make diaper changes easier and they work perfectly under dresses in less than ideal weather conditions. Naturally, I love dressing my baby girl in dresses. And pink. And flowers. My husband thinks I’m crazy. He just doesn’t get it. Men.

I did buy one pair that I have yet to put on those chubby, delicious legs. Why? Because they are rainbow without a hint of pink. They just don’t match my favorite onesies. Admittedly, I tend to gravitate towards pink, even if I have the intention of branching out (like buying rainbow leg warmers, for example). Giovanna’s closet is an explosion of pink. It’s just like…her color. She looks so damn cute in that rose colored hue.

Maybe a teensy weensy bit crazy. So what?

notice the gigantic diaper? a phenomenon called “fluffy butt” in the cloth diapering world
these leg warmers are called “flower power,” which this crunchy mama just LOVES
check out the cozy organic wool diaper cover above
this is what I looked like as a baby – she surely has mama’s smile!

Moms, what baby product have you recently discovered and found addicting? Maybe we can all learn a little something from each other!

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