When I decided to get serious about my blog in March, I had no idea the social life that would follow. These days, the only parties I attend are blog parties. The only new friends I make are online. Don’t judge.

I used to be cool. Really. I went to bars and drank hard alcohol. Sometimes I walked home without my shoes on. But then I fell in love with the one, got married, inherited a stepson and birthed a daughter. With out drugs. Yikes.

Now, my idea of the perfect Saturday night is taking a hot bath.

I should probably mention that all of the above happened in less than 15 months. I never said I was boring. 

If you are here from the D-Listed Party and you want to read more about me, go here. Or read the posts categorized under me. Or maybe you want to hear about my recent trials and tribulations with dairy. Or my rant about the recent BP oil spill. Or my love affair with coconuts that began when I was living in Thailand. But if you leave my blog before tomorrow, the one thing you must understand about me is that I am a human pacifier

And I love. Love. Love. Being a mother.

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