friday flip-offs

Today I get to take Herbal Philosophy back to the farmer’s market. Despite my frustration and exhaustion after last week’s market, I am excited. A friend pointed out that I should be infinitely proud of myself for taking my dream and making it happen. People are actually buying my teas! Not very many people, but people nonetheless. Who’s counting anyways? The financial success will follow. It’s got too for how hard I am working.

So, I am proud. I realize that life is not a fairy tale. The good things never come easy. It’s going to take some blood, sweat and tears before I start to get rich make a significant profit. I am proud and I am stressed. As usual I have too much to do between now and 2 pm when I must arrive at the market for set-up.

Such as bathe. You know your life is crazy when you have to work with your husband to schedule your shower a day in advance. He is coming home from work to lend me a hand. I know what you’re thinking. And the answer is no. This shower is a one person affair. It must be scheduled so that husband can hold baby. And so that I am not resigned to shower in the middle of the night.

If you’re wondering why I have time to blog, I don’t. But I am an excellent multitasker and I am currently nursing a baby who refuses to be put down. Take that.

Moving on.

Gigi over at Kludgy Mom started “Friday Flip-Offs.” Pretty smart if you ask me. And an effective form of blogging therapy. Sometimes you just gotta bitch. So here I go. Although I’m not gonna lie, this list is censored for fear of retribution. My blog is public, after all.

To my laptop. You are a Macbook Pro. You are supposed to live for years and years. You were expensive. And now you’re making my life far more stressful than it should be. You died and the Mac Genius Bar could do nothing to revive you. Then one morning, you fired up again. My husband proudly declared he had fixed you. You got my hopes up. I was happy. You were broken again before lunch. FLIP OFF.

To traffic. I was stuck in you for 30+ minutes yesterday while my darling daughter screamed her head off in the backseat. I had to fight back the tears. She was sweaty and red. You made me feel like a horrible mother. You may have traumatized my daughter. Today, you made my husband late to pick up his son from preschool. He was charged $30. You seem to be getting progressively worse in Seattle. FLIP OFF.

To Whole Foods. I love you. But I am mad at you. Because I spent nearly $100 at your store yesterday. On a total of 5 items. So what if it was my choice. It’s your fault for offering such enticing yet expensive products. FLIP OFF.

To the dishes in the sink. You never go away. I don’t have time for you. FLIP OFF.

I feel better now.

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