tuesday food day: chocolate avocado smoothie

I don’t know why I keep posting about chocolate. Yes, I love it. But I am not completely obsessed. I swear. It is, however, fun to eat and fun to write about. Plus, my husband gave me a seriously beautiful blender for Mother’s Day and so we’ve been making lots of smoothies. One of my favorite smoothies just happens to contain chocolate. I guess this is not a surprise.

Here’s my recipe for a yummy, vegan, nutritious smoothie providing healthy fat (avocado), antioxidants (cocoa), protein (soy milk), and complex carbohydrates (banana). The result is a creamy, smooth, chocolatey drink. Not too sweet, lots of flavor. I am a fan of adding avocado to my smoothies. But I’m not sure about other people. Perhaps I am weird, I don’t know. But if you like animal-free creaminess, this is a great alternative to a chocolate shake. Personally, I think it tastes far better than a chocolate shake. But like I said, I am probably a weirdo. At least I embrace it.

I throw these ingredients in the blender:

organic unsweetened cocoa
organic unsweetened soy milk

And blend. Easy enough? Some optional additions include blueberries, flaxseeds, hempseeds, nuts, and strawberries.

picture courtesy of easy-recipes.me

I never measure, so there is no right or wrong way to do this. Add less soymilk if you want a thicker smoothie, add more soymilk if you like it thin. Add less avocado if you want to skimp on calories, add more if you want it extra creamy. I generally use between one-quarter and one-half of an avocado. The banana sweetens the shake, which you’ll need since you’re using unsweetened cocoa and soymilk (right?!). I would recommend using one banana, but you can use more or less depending on your taste buds.

I don’t specify that the banana and avocado must be organic, since their thick skins keep these fruits relatively protected from pesticide exposure. Organic is always best, but if you’re on a budget (which I usually am), you can save a few dollars by purchasing the conventional bananas and avocados.

This smoothie makes a filling snack, an energizing breakfast, or pairs with a big green salad for a healthy lunch. Endorsed and recommended by yours truly. If you try it, please leave me a comment with your feedback. I am curious to know if the rest of the world also likes avocado in their smoothies.

Until next time…


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