happy birthday to me

Today is my birthday. I am 25. Halfway to 30.

Does this mean I’m in my prime? And if so, is it only downhill from here? Will life only get harder as I get older? Am I nearing the expiration date for reaching my dreams?

I’m sure that every person reading this over 30 would tell me that there’s no such thing as an expiration date. At least I hope so. Therefore, instead of worrying about getting older, I’m going to embrace my brand new age. 25 is a great age. An age where things can happen.

And I plan to make many things happen this year.

In celebration of surviving half of my twenties, I will share with you a recap. From time to time, I find myself wondering what it is I have accomplished thus far in my life. What I’ve done and where I’m going. And we would be lying if we didn’t admit to savoring the feeling of accomplishment. Fleeting or not.

More for myself than for anyone else, I knew I had to take the time to think about it. Savor my own life, at least the past 5 years. Write down the highlights so that they are memorialized. Be proud of my accomplishments and learn from my mistakes.

I chose to focus on positive events. For the most part, heartbreaks and hardships are not welcome. When I made this list, I just happen to leave most of those things out…there’s not enough room in my memories for it all. I’d rather hold on to the good stuff and discard the bad.

So, here you go. The highlights of each year are as follows.

Age 20:
– studied abroad in Rome
– traveled in Spain, France, Italy
– nannied for French family in France
– scored a paying accounting internship at a promising start-up business

Age 21:
– said good-bye to maternal grandmother and my namesake, Grandma Lucy
– graduated from college, Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa
– worked as auditor at big 4 accounting firm
– left for Thailand on one-way ticket
– worked as teacher in Thailand
– traveled to Malaysia

Age 22:
– worked as teacher in Thailand
– worked as management intern at health/detox resort on the beach in Thailand
– traveled in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos
– returned to U.S. and offered great investor relations/marketing/PR/event planning/sales/lots of fun job by old college friend with his promising new company
– purchased first piece of real estate, condominium in downtown Seattle

Age 23:
– said good bye to paternal grandfather, Grandpa Ray (day after 23rd birthday)
– traveled to Peru three times with job
– traveled to Indonesia on vacation
– fell in love with “the one”
– traveled to Jamaica with future hubby
– got laid off, said college friend turned out to be dishonest, job not so great and not so stable

Age 24:
– got married
– became a stepmother
– honeymooned in Hawaii
– gave birth to my first child, became a mother
– started a business, Herbal Philosophy
– became dedicated blogger

What will 25 hold? Stay tuned.

P.S. I am almost to 100 followers! Wouldn’t that be a great birthday present? Hint hint…


  1. Happy Birthday! You have nothing to worry age-wise: you won’t even start hitting your prime until 35. I’m 40 and feel like I’m just hitting my stride now. Don’t worry: enjoy your hubby and kids. And keep traveling! I wish I would have seen half the places you’ve been by 25. I was 27 before my first trip out of the country.


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