girlfriends and the feminine power

One of my best friends has been out of the country since late January. She returned this past weekend. In that time, she travelled to South East Asia, Australia, and the Netherlands. She returns to Amsterdam next month to live with her adorable Dutch boyfriend. Did you know that the Netherlands gives a Relationship Visa? Because I’d never heard of this before.

We (three of her best girlfriends) are ecstatically happy that she has found the love of her life. She’s never been happier. It’s what we have all ultimately wanted since we started to like boys. It’s what we all ultimately want for each other. If you’ve got nothing but true love, you’ve got everything.

me and my true love

But, oh, how we will miss her. We will miss just sitting and chatting over tea. Or sharing secrets on a walk. Or trying on new clothes for each other. We are lobbying for her and boyfriend to move to Seattle after they’ve had enough of Amsterdam. As if anyone could ever have enough of Amsterdam.

The four of us had lunch today. The thing about girlfriends, true and best, is that you can go months or even years without seeing one another and when you do meet again, it’s like you were never apart. Except a lot more stuff has happened. There’s so much to talk about that you can’t remember it all at once. You have that sort of bond where the silences born from natural lulls in conversation are not awkward. The space between thoughts becomes a comfortable silence. A time to be still, together.

One of these dear friends wrote to me in a birthday card:

“I am so blessed to have a best friend who I can honestly say I love more and more the older we get.”

I, too, feel that way about my best friends. I am sitting here re-reading the birthday cards from them. We tend to pour out our hearts in birthday cards. Profess our love and admiration all the while pinching ourselves that we are blessed with such beautiful friends who can always make us feel better and can understand us in ways that no one else in the world can.

Female friendships are often very deep, meaningful relationships. (I can’t speak for male friendships because I really have no idea seeing that I’m not a man.) When we find a spiritual connection, we are bonded and we become confidantes, co-conspirators and cheerleaders. Sometimes a group of women form a group bond…a collective friendship. Each woman bringing her own wisdom and wit to the table. Each an integral part of a unexpectedly intimate friendship. Think Sex and the City style. The collective feminine is a strong force. Can you imagine what the women of the world could accomplish if we just learned to love one another rather than hate one another? 

Me too.

My mom recently directed me to “a free global teleconference and gathering for awakening women,” which is taking place on Wednesday, June 9th at 5:30PM PDT, 8:30PM EDT. The teleconference is titled “The Keys to Feminine Power.” Although I’ll be busy watching my baby brother graduate from high school when the teleconference is taking place (more on that later), I plan to listen to the recording on Thursday.

Why? Because I believe in the power of the feminine and I am ready to harness that power and put it to good use. Here are some of the highlights from the teleconference’s website:

“Never before have, as women, been holding so much power to shape the future.

Paradoxically, studies show that we’ve never been more unhappy.

We sense the possibility for so much more…

We’ve been cultivating a masculine version of power. 

Awakening a new, co-creative feminine power holds the key to our personal and planetary potential.”

My fellow women, does this interest you? Please tell me. Because it sounds right on to me. 

Excuse me while I go show off to my husband the presents that I received from my girlfriends today.

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  1. I love this post because it reminds me of what I've been craving lately. Getting together with certain girlfriends heals my soul. As I read this, I'm cursing the distance between us, the crazy culture that keeps us so busy (without always doing anything truly that has any eternal significance) and the silly things that we've allowed to get in the way of just BEING together.


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