wordless wednesday: emile’s birthday

Some eye candy from Emile’s birthday festivities, starting with the invitation designed by my husband. And I wrote the silly little story at the end.
Now for the good stuff.
Super sweet sunglasses. Look closely. There are sharks on the sides.
Grandma Paula: “Emile, what was your favorite thing at the party?”
Emile: “The bubbles.”
Deeeeeep breath.
And blooooowwww. Here they come…
Beautiful bubbles!
I bet I can blow a bigger bubble than you can.
Frolicking in the grass.
Making trouble with the water.

A happy baby.
Hi mom. 
Aunt Juya, you’re so funny I can hardly stand it!
Goodness, this hand is fun to play with.
I will get you.
I’ve been waiting all year to blow out the candles. 
Make a wish!
I think he needs help.

“Mmm, birthday cake”
Birthday boy gets served first. Rarely is Emile this focused on what he’s eating.
“Mmm, her cake looks good too. I think she got the chocolate. I want some.” 
This is the pinata. These are Emile’s thoughts: Must. Get. Candy. None of the kids could break it open, so Emile’s daddy came to the rescue. 
All the kids ate too much crack sugar and stayed up all night. All in all, a very successful birthday party.
The end!

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