gemini new moon

Today, June 12, 2010, is a special day. It is the Gemini New Moon. For the next few weeks, the Moon is in Gemini.

What does it mean? This is what I gathered from several different sources:

“The Gemini New Moon is often a day of levity and learning. Curiosity and wonder fill the air and it may seem as if your attention is pulled in a spectrum of directions as we gravitate to the facts, figures, and other pinpoints of information that seem especially intriguing today.” 
~ Planetary Apothecary

“For the next few weeks with Mercury in its own sign of Gemini the mental realm is activated, helping ideas to flow smoothly and aiding our ability to adapt to new circumstances…The New Moon phase offers an opportunity for a new beginning, and in Gemini this opportunity takes us into the mental realm where we experiment with new ideas and ways of living our life before actually manifesting these ideas into form…The Gemini New Moon is the perfect time to set aside our prejudices and look at our world through new eyes.  What can we learn about the ideas of others; what changes can we make in our lives to give us more flexibility and make it easier to adapt to change.”

… and with the New Moon in Gemini comes a time of moving about both physically and mentally, gathering data and information, learning and studying, communicating viewpoints and beliefs, sharing advice and opinions, brainstorming, and collecting the intellectual resources to move the “solid new beginnings” into expanded growth and greater accessibility — through the power of promoting an idea whose time has come!! “

~ Rebecca Brents at Bemy Astrologer 

Here’s a chance to go beyond crazymaking spin and distractions — to the Source of wisdom, courtesy of Gemini the messenger. It’s a New Moon that spirals us into the void to straddle two worlds, just like Gemini’s archetype, the Magician. You get to juggle it all yourself — both external noise and the wisdom coming out of that mysterious void. It’s a time to hone your antennae to be a clearer receiver and transmitter, as a discerning magic maker in the world.”
~ Astrology

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It is a time for communication, learning and exploration! Sharing ideas and creating new ones. A time that is conducive to change.

Be flexible. Explore. Communicate. Great for blogging, no?

Focus on welcoming change rather than resisting. You may find your life fluidly transforming into a better version of itself.

If you happen to be a Gemini, like me, these next few weeks may be an especially great time for you. You are in your element. Life is easier than usual. Take advantage of it. Make goals. Accomplish them. (Please remind me to take my own advice.)

Why do I pay attention to this stuff? Because it makes sense that the celestial bodies would influence our lives. After all, the moon possesses power over the earth’s ocean. Which is much greater than you or I. How could we possibly escape such a force? Not to mention that I’ve found many truths in astrology. From zodaic signs to planetary shifts.

And I’m not talking about the horoscopes in the back of your Cosmo magazine. Broad, sweeping generalizations that can often be applied to everyone. Or no one at all. I don’t read those.

But I do read credible websites and large books regarding zodaic profiles, astrological events and interpretations. Better yet, many competent astrologists exist who will give you a true reading according to your birth date, time and place. And who couldn’t use a bit of planetary-inspired wisdom every once in a while? 

I could.

If astrology was good enough for kings and lords and princesses of kingdoms past, I’d like to see how it can guide me along my own path. Lucky for you and for me, we live in the 21st century and this information is readily available to us.

Not bad for a commoner.

Do you pay attention to astrology? If so, what is your sign and do you feel as if it represents you well? Have you ever visited an astrologist?

Did you notice the effects of the Gemini New Moon on Saturday?

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