i need bloggy advice

Is it just me, or has there recently been a mass exodus from Blogger to WordPress? This blog is obviously on Blogger. But my Herbal Philosophy blog is on WordPress. I haven’t had the chance to work much on my Herbal Philosophy blog, so it’s fairly plain and I still consider myself relatively inexperienced with using WordPress.

That being said, I kinda think WordPress has a special something. Perhaps better functionality and less bugs? I don’t know it well enough to know if there’s a huge difference. But I am always running into formatting problems in Blogger. Sometimes I attempt to fix them and sometimes I don’t. (Those double and triple spaces in between paragraphs were not me trying to insert huge pauses into my writing. They just showed up and refused to go away.) And they annoy the shit out of me.

So I really would love to move this blog over to WordPress. It needs a lot of work anyways, so I may as well start fresh. I do love fresh starts. Clean slates. Brand new socks. You know what I’m talking about.

But my dilemma is that I am worried I may lose some feed subscribers in the process. Or the followers won’t transfer. Or my comment replies on Disqus won’t transfer. Et cetera. It seems like everyone who transfers their blog runs into annoyances and bugs and headaches. And I’ve noticed that Google is busting their butt to make continual improvements to Blogger. Whether it will ever match its rival, I do not know.

Is it really worth it? Will WordPress truly make my blog and my blogging experience that much better? Or do you prefer Blogger? Is there some huge advantage of using one over the other that I do not know?

I kind of hope you’ll convince me to do it help me decide.

image from hotwidgets.blogspot.com


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