dearest daddy

Dearest Daddy,
Although I’ve only been on this earth for exactly five months as of Father’s Day, I have figured a few things out. And one of those things is how much you love me, and how much I love you.
Since it is my very first daddy’s day, I asked mama to help me tell you how much I appreciate everything you do. 
Daddy, thank you…
…For taking good care of my mama while I was in her tummy. I know you made an extra-special effort to attend nearly every doctor’s appointment and ultrasound with mama. I could hear your voice. I also know you attended many baby classes with mama since she was a wee bit nervous. And there were a lot of both.
…For believing in mama’s ability to birth me naturally. That was important to her. 
…For rubbing mama’s back, neck, arms, legs and head when she was sore from carrying me in her belly or from nursing me. The more comfortable mama is, the more comfortable I am.
…For believing in the importance of organic food for mama so that I may have the healthiest start to life. 
…For understanding how much I love nursing at mama’s num-nums.
…For welcoming me into your bed so that I can feel safe and secure at night while I sleep in between my two favorite people. And have instant access to num-nums all night long.
…For always being willing to pull over the car so that I can have a break from my car seat when I’m upset and just want to be held. 
…For cleaning the kitchen so that mama can help me fall asleep. 
…For helping me to get sleepy with your gentle bouncing.
…For tickling my neck and my tummy and my legs and making me giggle.
…For reading me stories. 
…For helping mama with her business so that she can work at home and take care of me. 
…For singing to me even though you don’t like to sing.
…For always giving your best at work so that I may have warm clothes, a safe place to live, and all of the modern comforts a baby could want.
…For being on board with mama’s idea to cloth diaper my bum. Now I have no more diaper rash!
…For teaching me about the world.
…For keeping yourself happy and healthy so that I will have you around for a long time.
…For loving me unconditionally.
…For everything else. 

Kisses and Love,
Giovanna Faith
Sweetest Pea

If your kid(s) wrote a letter to their father (or father-figure), what would they thank him for?

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