rest in peace A.F.

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I had brainstormed two possible Tuesday Food Day entries. Excited about the possibility of both, I planned to write on whichever one inspired me the most as I sat down to write today. Instead, I will not be writing a Tuesday Food Day entry. For the second week in a row. Why? Because life happens and I like to break my own rules rather than be confined by their boundaries. I have something on my mind and I wouldn’t feel right to ignore it and act as if everything is normal.

I did not sleep last night. 
Do you remember when I raved about my girlfriends here? If you didn’t read that post, all you have to know is that my girlfriends are the sisters of my heart. We are connected. And one of them is hurting. She is in extreme, profound pain because yesterday she lost someone whom she loves deeply.
I can’t stop thinking about her. About him. About his life. About his death. About the people he left behind.  My heart aches for my beautiful, heartbroken friend. I like to think that I am carrying a tiny, microscopic piece of her pain, so that she may feel a little bit less.
And to the newly departed, I hope that you finally have found the peace you’ve been searching for. You are dearly loved and you are desperately missed.


  1. "I like to think that I am carrying a tiny, microscopic piece of her pain, so that she may feel a little bit less."That part made me tear up. It was so sweet. I'm very sorry for your friend's loss! I hope the grieving process is not too rough on her. She's lucky to have a friend like you.


  2. My thoughts are with your dear friend and her healing. Your beautiful, thoughtful words will help her in this process as well, I'm sure.


  3. To wish to feel pain for your friend to lessen hers is just so very sweet. I can't count how many times I have wished this for my loved ones too. I hope that your friend will eventually find peace, and Thanks for stopping by my blog from blog flow.


  4. Lucia-We are all grieving for her and the loss and pain that each one of us carries a small part of. Your blog entry was so touching, I couldn't think of better words to help in such a difficult time. Thank you for always being there for all of us. Love you more than there are sparkles in the sea….


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