wordless wednesday: who does she look like?

There are too many words in this post to call it “wordless.” I am sorry. You only have to read the bold words if you want 😉
I love looking at a baby’s photo next to the mom’s and dad’s baby photos. And then observing, who does this baby look like? She has mom’s smile, her dad’s hair, her brothers mouth, her grandpa’s cheeks. Etc. So here is Giovanna’s version of: who does she look like?
This is me. Circa 1986. 11 months old.
Sorry it’s so blurry. My Canon MX310 printer/scanner/fax is a piece of shit and I can’t get it to work. Despite re-installing the driver. It’s never worked without much coaxing. Consider this a product review: beware of Canon’s printer/scanner/fax machines. (Sorry, Canon. No wonder I own a Nikon camera.) So I had to take a picture of a picture with my iPhone. I didn’t even bother getting out the Nikon because I knew it was going to look bad no matter what.
Anyways. This is hubby. Circa 1976. Roughly 8-10 months old.

And this is our sweet daughter, Giovanna. June 6, 2010, 4 1/2 months old.
June 12, 2010.

June 17, 2010, almost 5 months old.

June 21, 2010, 5 months old. With Aunt Solveig.

In my opinion, Giovanna looks like me when she smiles. Like her daddy when she is serious. And like herself always.
What about your kids? Who do they look like?


  1. She's an adorable combo of you both 🙂 We both definitely have our mini-me. My son looks just like his daddy more and more everyday and my daughter, every one says, looks just like me.


  2. WOW!!! You guys were such, SUCH cute babies. That's all I have to say. My kids look like my hubby more than me, I think. I just thought all my kids would be spittin' images of my little sister (who looks so much like me that everyone called her Mini-me when we were growing up). But none of them do. They are all big hulky kids that resemble their dad in smile and in walk and talk and everything. But its nice to see their daddy in them… love it.And, Giovanna is a doll! What beautiful children you have 🙂


  3. She is SOOOOO cute I just can't get over it! She looks kind of like one of my boys (Isaiah) hehe. Our boys look like both of us…Julian looks a lot like his daddy when he was a baby and Isaiah looks like me 🙂


  4. G has your eyes but the rest is all daddy! My Michael looks like me and Griff looks like Sean.I have the same printer and we have issues with it, too. Still love my Canon camera, though!


  5. Depending on the angle or what expression she has on her face, I think she looks like you both!Gunnar is a clone of my husband, but he has the shape of my eyes. In fact, the kid looks so unlike me that people have actually asked if he's mine.


  6. It's a mix with us. Kate has my shape of eyes, so everyone says she looks just like me, but really everything BESIDES her eyes are Craig. And it's the exact opposite situation with Maddie.


  7. I agree. I think she does have your smile, but I think she's got her daddy's eyes. She is gorgeous. Both your children are beautiful.I absolutely love the quote on your blog header. One of my favorite ever.


  8. Ohhhh, she's beautiful. My first daughter looks like her dad, except she has my hair and eyes.My second daughter looks like my mom, but she has her dad's green eyes.My son looks like his dad, but he has my eyes. But you said it beautifully — when it's all said and done, they look like themselves.


  9. GORGEOUS bubba! I think I'm in love.My children all look like an exact combination of my husband and me. Bit freaky. But it works.


  10. Think she's just beautiful. A friend of mine told me a long time ago that raising a child is rather like watching yourself grow up.I like that idea… 🙂


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