the first time he hears his mother’s voice

 My husband sent me a link the other day. Without explaining what it was, the email read, “Get ready to cry.” I did not watch it until he assured me that I would cry happy tears, not sad ones.

And ohmygodness. If you’re a mom, this will make you want to hunt down your babies and kiss them. And it will bring a tear to just about anyone’s eyes. Maybe even dads.


  1. oh wow 🙂 that was beautiful! i sometimes take for granted the little things like that. it was very nice to see.


  2. Oh my gosh, that was so beautiful! Yes – you will have happy tears if you see this video. What a miracle – thanks for sharing it with us. Peace. ;)SITS visiting. 😉


  3. What's interesting is that my bff sent me this same video a few days ago during our discussion of cochlear implants (I am a candidate for them). It really did bring tears to my eyes. It's incredible isn't it?


  4. This was so sweet. I cried of course. And my husband, who hadn't read your prompt, but I told him what it was about, said at the end "that makes me want to go get Mckinley"…funny because that is exactly what you said our reaction would be! 🙂


  5. Lucy…tell your husband he just made my day and that I'm crying tears of happiness! That's just too sweet not to share, and I'm going to link back to this next Saturday to share with my readers :)Also…I'm reviewing your blog tomorrow at Blog Brew Review, so check it out! It'll be up around 7:15 Pacific time tomorrow morning.


  6. That was so amazing. I've never heard of this before. And that baby was so precious, it almost brang tears to my eyes.


  7. This is so amazing, so wonderful how this small baby reacts to voices and his mother's. Just think about how the mother felt on that moment, seeing the expression of the child.


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