welcome home to me

Guess what? I returned a few hours ago from a week-long vacation in Miami. Pretty stealth, ay?

Actually, I was too busy before I left to catch my breath. Much less post on my blog. And then I was strictly committed to fulfilling my vacationly duties of devoting all my time to my family and to relaxing. So my computer was not invited and I never got on blogger to write a see-ya-later note.

But I’m home now and happy to be here. Except for the fact that the weather is extremely shitty in Seattle. It’s a gloomy, gray, showering Independence Day. However, it’s only 5 pm and the firework shows aren’t until after it gets very dark. At 10 pm. For our summer-deprived city’s sake, I’m optimistic that the rain will slow and a few clouds will part to reveal scattered patches of blue sky before night falls. And then…

A rainbow.

Also the perfect ingredients for a hazy, watery, breathtaking Pacific Northwest sunset. Just in the nick of time.

Not gonna happen, but whatever. As long as I don’t get soaked. And to think I was in utterly humid yet sunny, hot Miami this morning.

I’m still very happy to be home. It just feels good.

While hanging out on the other side of this vast country, I caught up on sleep and snuggles and tickles. I allowed myself time to just be. With no agenda or to do list or expectations. And upon my return, I am refreshed. Ready to step it up. The cauldron of creativity is brewing. I can smell it.

To my fellow Americans: Happy Fourth of July!


  1. i've been wondering where you ran off too! glad you're back and hope you have a happy fourth! sending an email your way 🙂


  2. There isn't a holiday feeling on earth that beats coming home. Well, maybe two weeks in Paris. Or an African Safari. Or Egypt… or…


  3. Good for you! so glad you got to relax with yourself – not easy to do! but now, the reword….C R E A T I V I T Y

    can’t wait to see what you turn that into.

    oh, the power of a rainbow…and the mind…

    welcome back!


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