a stepmother’s promise

My dear sweet Emile,

You never cease to amuse me with your silly antics and amaze me with your amiable nature. Whether proclaiming your baby sister is your sweet little pea or making get well cards for your friend who broke her leg or picking me a colorful bouquet of flowers or telling your Grandma you’re going to fly to Atlanta just to give her a hug or pulling out all the stops to keep your sister from crying while in the car. I’m consistently in awe of what a neat little person you are.

You inspire me to be the best stepmom I can be. To summon every inch I possess of maternal instinct, compassion, patience, understanding, and most of all, love.

And now, there are a few promises that I would like to make to you:

I promise to not spoil you. Although it’s tempting since I want you to love me and I want you to look forward to daddy’s house. I know that these things can be better accomplished with love, affection and attention than with material possessions.

I promise to be firm and strict with my word. Children, even you, crave boundaries. Tough love is sometimes the best love.

I promise to do everything in my power to help you follow your dreams.

I promise to feed you healthy foods and teach you how to take care of your body so that you may grow into a big, strong man.

I promise to set a good example.

I promise to not take it personally when you say things that hurt my feelings.

I promise to think of you and treat you like my own, even though you already have a loving mother. The way I see it, a second mother means even more love and you can never have too much of that.

I promise to help you understand your unconventional family.

I promise to never stop hugging and kissing you and showing you love.

I promise that although I will never be perfect, I will always love you perfectly.

Kisses and Love,

Mama Lucy


  1. What a great post! I can’t imagine what my life would have been like had I had a decent step mother. Mine sucked!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting. I’m following!



    1. I’m sorry 😦 This is everything I want to avoid…being a sucky stepmother. It’s not easy, but I try so damn hard! And when Emile tells me he loves me…it’s all worth it.


  2. Lucy, I “oohed” and “aahed” through it all. Really, you are more in tune with him and what you want to do for him than many parents are with their own non-step kids. You should be proud!


    1. I hope so too. It is an extremely difficult job and I believe it’s worth is generally discounted. Thanks for your comment.


    1. Hannah! Thank you! YOU have a way with words. I am so flattered by this comment because it comes from someone whose writing I deeply admire. I want you to know, too, that I’ve been faithfully reading your blog, but am SO insanely busy as well as SICK that I haven’t been commenting as much as I like. I’m going to come visit soon…XOXO


  3. Beautiful!! Of course as the perfect stepmom myself (right, Fares :)) I can absolutely vouch that you are right on! Sprinkle in a good sense of humor and the promise to listen and evolve and adapt through the crazy phases of life, and what an amazing relationship blossoms! I love that you can replace stepmom with just about any relationship and realize how true this rings!


    1. Thank you, Shares! You are the best stepmom I know!! I value your opinion so highly and I should definitely come for you when I need advice…


  4. while I won’t be a step mom…I am entering into the world of my daughter having a step mom. Your post really hit home…I am going to share it with him! What great promises.


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