tuesday food day: chocolate avocado smoothie recycled *edited*

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Another bad night’s sleep and a persistent cold has turned yet another day into one that I tread through in slow motion. Feeling far away, like my real life is on pause until I get better. I want to start running more. But I have to wait until I’m better. I can barely walk around the block right now. I want to build my blog network. I want to get my teas in at another coffee shop. But every challenge seems so much grander when my head is cloudy and my nose is runny and I am breathing out of my mouth.

You see, I’m a nose breather. Especially while I sleep. Breathing through my mouth does not equal good sleep. Neither does a baby who wakes up every two to three hours to nurse. Or an overactive mind that prefers to shut down between one and two am. Sleep is once again elusive. Like what happened in April. (Any advice on the sleep subject is welcome and usually tested.)

So, it is not surprising that I cannot shake this nasty cold. At least I only spent one day with a fever. Until Saturday, I had not had a fever (that I can remember) since 2007.

I’m not making excuses. After all, we are all only blogging for ourselves. Not for a boss or a paycheck. (Well, maybe some of us. But not me. Not yet.) I’m just letting life take it’s course. Not trying to fight it. If I’m going to be sick, I’m going to give myself a break. No use in breaking the spirit instead. I encourage you, too, to be kind to yourself when you’re not at your best. It’s simply a matter of self-love.

Accordingly, I will not write a new Tuesday Food Day entry today. Instead, I am going to enjoy the rest of the evening with my handsome husband while my sweet babies sleep upstairs. And I’m going to make a chocolate avocado smoothie to share. Better than ice cream. Infinitely more nutritious and yes, more delicious.

See the original post and recipe here.

How do you treat yourself when you get sick? Do you slow down or do you power through, proceeding with life as usual?

What do you find is most effective at helping you get well? Rest, vitamins, herbs, medicine, fruit, something else, or just time?


    1. Ah. You’re right. I have one, but I hate doing it so I conveniently forget about it. but it would probably make me feel so much better, so thank you for reminding me!


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