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I know we all love Wordless Wednesday. So easy. So effective. Never gets old. But you know you can post pictures any day and they’ll always be a hit, right?? And it’s fun to do something a little different once in a while.

Therefore, I am instituting Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom. Where we can share with one another quotes from our mothers to our grandmothers to Mother Theresa. Or lyrics, videos, poems, speeches, facebook status updates. The list goes on.

If it’s a token of wisdom, please share. Think of it this way: you’re doing your part to make the world a little wiser.

I even added a McLinky at the bottom, which will be open for 7 days. So link up! And I’ll be here every Wednesday if you’re busy this week 😉

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“Order is the first law of the universe. If you wish for a finer environment, or nicer things, alter your thinking right where you are.

If you are working for success, look at your life. If order is the first law of the universe, and it is, then it must also be reflected in your physical life.

Is your house organized? Your car? Your office? Your purse or wallet? One’s personal space is a reflection of their mind.

As you organize your external world, you will begin to notice that you’ll start attracting more of the results you want. And, hey, with order in your environment, you can find what you’re looking for, as well.”

~ Mary Manin Morrissey

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    1. Yay!! I hope you link up next week! I need to figure out how to get the McLinky list to show up on the post though. Oh, technology…


    1. I know how you feel. My mom shared this one with me because it was sent to her on the day she decided to finally GET ORGANIZED. Perfect timing.


  1. I love this idea, Lucy. I’m not the best photographer (wordless Wednesday), but I do have a lot to say! Your piece about order is just what I’ve been needing. It seems like the universe is SCREAMING at me: “Get organized… NOW!!”. Thanks for the reminder.


    1. I know. Organization can be so difficult. Especially when you don’t have the time to bathe as it is. I’m feeling newly inspired to get organized and I hope this quote brought inspiration to a few others. Hope you can link up next week!


    1. Oh, I can’t wait! Thank you. I hope it inspired some organization in your life. Not that I can take any credit, but at least I shared it 😉


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