a candid conversation and btw, technology is taking over your life

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Giovanna & Emile

Here is a snippet from a conversation I had on Saturday with Emile.

Emile: Mama Lucy. I love you because you make my sister happy.

Me: Emile. I love you because you make me happy.

Emile: Mama Lucy. I love you because you are a sweet mama.

Me: Emile. I love you because you are a sweet boy.

Emile: Mama Lucy. I love you because you are nice.

Me: Emile. I love you because you are nice.

Emile: Mama Lucy. I love you because you are beautiful.

Me: Emile. I love you because you are cute.

And so on. Just doing what I can to dispel the evil stepmother myth.

Also, I read an article on Salon.com the other day that I’ve been thinking about. The title pretty much sums it up:

Technology and no more vacation: how technology is stealing our lives (Email and smart phones were supposed to liberate us. So why does it feel like we never have any free time?)

Wait, that’s me. I never have any free time and it’s because of technology. Like I could be doing dishes or sleeping or snuggling with my husband (it’s 11:11 pm on the dot) right now. But instead I’m on my computer because I love to write and I love to blog, share and connect with the rest of the world.

Yet…even if technology is stealing my life, I can’t give it up. I’d rather fight a perpetual battle against the clock to fit everything in. Conquer the unconquerable. Defeat the undefeated (otherwise known as my to do list).

What? You say that the time to do it all doesn’t exist?

I will find it anyways. I will seek out the unused seconds hiding in the cracks of each minute and I will string them together to create more time in the day. And I will strike the perfect balance between enjoying technology and enjoying my life.


How do you strike a balance between life, work, blogging, family, etc? Is it even possible? Or does one thing (or more) usually suffer?

Do you think technology is taking over our lives? If so, what can we do about it?


  1. Unless you plan to turn into a dragon I think you get the bestest step mom title.
    Last week I had an offline day. It was very productive house keeping wise. I really don’t want my kids to think that I am always on the computer or the phone. It’s a struggle and I don’t think I’ve found the right balance yet.


  2. 1. i hate facebook. i wish i could figuratively burn it.

    2. i am supposed to be watching tv with my husband and my laptop is, well, on my lap.

    3. i, too, feel the desire to fit everything in when i know i’m setting myself up for failure.


    1. It’s hard for me to ever watch a movie or without my laptop on my lap! My husband often has same problem. We are both addicted. I’ll join you in the burning of facebook. Such a time-sucker.


  3. I think it speaks volumes that your little boy sees all these wonderful things in you (his stepmother). I know firsthand that it was incredibly hard for me to feel accepted by some of my steps’ family members (even though I really didn’t have trouble bonding with my step-parents).

    About technology…I don’t know how to find balance, as I’m still searching for mine. Most of the time I actually thrive from being on the go and DOING something all the time. But the few times I’m not? I feel so overwhelmed I could cry.

    I keep thinking there’s got to be a balance, so maybe that is mine – going and going and going, and then when it all overwhelms me, stopping and taking a breather.


    1. Thank you! I try so hard to be a good stepmommy, so these conversations make my day. Maybe even my week.

      I don’t know how to find the balance either. Multitasking seems to help. Let me know if you ever get a better grasp on it…


  4. I used to be a freelance web programmer. I worked from home. Sometimes I worked while my husband was at work and continued when he got home. Sometimes I worked while he was sleeping. And when I wasn’t working, we would watch tv… on the computer. I have absolutely no life outside of technology. Is that sad? That’s sad, isn’t it?


    1. It’s a little sad, but you’re not alone! One thing that helps me is to designate one night a week where hubby and I are not allowed to work on our computers. We focus on one another instead 🙂 Good luck, technology is truly addicting!


  5. I have had the feeling that I have been spending way too much time with my laptop lately. I have had to resort to setting a timer so that I curtail my computer use and tend to the necessary details of life. It is definitely hard to balance, I would rather be reading and blogging on the computer that doing dishes any day, but I am trying to set a good example for my children:)


    1. That’s a really great idea to use a timer. I’m going to try it as well. Thanks for the tip! And I agree, we need to show our kids that there are other things to life than the computer..


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