bienvenido a miami…& how to save lots of money on your next vacation

A few weeks ago, I ran off to Miami. I’d never been to Florida and my husband and I used to find a sweet deal on a beach-front, spacious and modern hotel room. Jetsetter offers substantial sales on “Jetsetter-approved” hotels around the world, but the sales only last a few days so you have to move fast to get the deal. I think the particular room we got was half-off of the price you pay when you’re not an “insider.” A friend referred me so that I could gain membership, and I’d like to do the same for you! Here is my personal invitation link.

Again. If you want to join to take some of the world’s greatest vacations at insider prices, click here. Membership is free and you may save hundreds of dollars on your next vacation. Sometimes my husband and I visit the site just to drool over the photos together and dream about future travels.

It wasn’t easy to choose my favorite photos from Miami, but I did it…

We played in the pool.

Giovanna kicked and splashed. A lot.

We lounged in the sun. And we left the cloth diapers at home.

We rejoiced in air conditioning as we sipped our Starbucks iced lattes.

We flirted.

We kissed.

We smiled pretty for the camera.

We laughed.

We ate good food.

We played.

We gawked at the fancy hotels.

We walked along the beach.

We lounged on the rooftop deck.

We admired the miles of coastline.

We wore our new bathing suits.

We played in the pool some more.

Giovanna swam in the ocean for the first time and the water was warm like a giant bath tub.

We frolicked among the waves.

Giovanna explored the world, starting with her daddy’s watch.

And tested it with her mouth.

We admired our little sweet pea.

She chewed on fingers.

We shared a giant margarita, chips and salsa.

We were together.


  1. You are a beautiful family! Giovanna is just gorgeous and very sweet! What a great getaway (and very long flight!) and amazing pictures. thanks for sharing!


    1. The flight was pretty brutal. Especially because it was a red-eye. Needless to say, I pulled an all-nighter. Thanks for your kind words about my family 🙂


    1. I bet it is in your future. Nothing better than a beach vacation when you’re tired and worn. And I highly recommend a wide-brimmed sun hat for all mothers with young babies 🙂 It keeps the babes AND you in the shade!


    1. Haha. Thanks, Fares! I don’t do any ab exercises besides “engaging my core” while walking. And only when I remember. I always feel like they could be better…so I appreciate the compliment 🙂


  2. Looks like you all had a blast!!! My favorite pic is the margarita…I LOVE margaritas! And that pool looks absolutely amazing!

    And of course, your daughter is completely adorable!!


    1. I love margaritas too. And I hadn’t had one for over a year…until this one. I only took a few sips (b/c I’m still breastfeeding) but that was enough!!


    1. Thanks! I had a few one-pieces too b/c it’s never easy to put on the bikini after you’ve had a baby, even if you’ve lost the weight. Not sure why…I guess your body is just DIFFERENT.


  3. Giovanna is beautiful, and your husband has a good face with laughing strength in his eyes. You make a great looking family.

    I’m glad tropical storm Bonnie did not spoil your fun. Red-Eyes are no fun.

    One day I will make my dream vacation to New Zealand, if only in my dreams. Have a great new week and thanks for following my blog, Roland


    1. I’m glad tropical storm Bonnie did not spoil our fun either! We went across the country to get some heat and sunshine…that would have been awful. Luckily summer finally came to Seattle, just a little late 🙂 Thanks for your comment.


  4. What a fantastic getaway you guys had! Love all the pictures too, your baby is totally adorable makes me wanna tickle her and see that big bright smile of hers. This post makes me miss Florida. 😀


  5. 1. You are spectacularly beautiful and I am now jealous. 🙂

    2. Your husband is hot.

    3. Your daughter is gorgeous.

    4. I want to lay on the beach all day too.

    So, to sum it up, it looks like you had a great time. I would like to be invited on the next trip.


    1. You’re very sweet!! Seriously. And I will admit that I only chose the best pictures of all of us.

      We’re hoping to plan our next trip to be NOT so last minute, I’ll keep you posted 😉


  6. what a beautiful family and your pics told a magnificent story even if there were no captions – my husband’s sister just moved to Naples, Florida…perhaps we can visit in the winter when it’s cold here if the finances are available….you have convinced me it would be a most pleasant distraction 🙂


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