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This is a not a religious post. It is a lesson in developing your spirituality, which will bring you happiness, deepen your satisfaction with life, and help you to achieve your dreams.

Trust me. I know, I’ve been there. I’ve attracted people and opportunities into my life through prayer. Through asking the universe to give me exactly what I want. Have you tried it?

One of my very best friends took a class from the Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle (which I mentioned on this list) called Beyond Limits. Among other spiritual tools, the class taught her how to pray. If you’re doubtful, I suggest you keep reading. This might be just what you need.

When I use the term, “prayer,” I mean any form of communication with a higher power. Sending your hopes and dreams into the universe, whether you are hoping for renewed health or a new job. You might pray to God, the holy spirit, Jesus, or even the sun. Whatever you like to call the higher power that speaks to you. In Buddhism, prayer can be as simple as radiating loving-kindness to another being.

But not this prayer. You pray like this when you have a specific purpose for your prayer. This template starts with a pretreatment, which can be done in thought or writing and does not have to be done every single time you pray. For example, if you are in need of money, you can do a pretreatment once to define what’s happening (why you are under financial stress), and then regularly pray for abundance whenever you think of it.


A) In a sentence what’s happening? What do I want instead?

B) Purpose: What do I want to experience differently and what do I want to feel?

C) What does God want to express through me (God qualities)? So when you expand the human feelings of what you want to experience to universal levels, what “God Qualities” do they represent? (e.g. Life, Joy, Wholeness, Abundance, Love, Peace, Ease, Good, Light, Freedom, Intelligence, Wisdom, Truth, Power, Divine Right Action, Presence, Poise, Clarity, Unity, Beauty, Grace?)


1) Recognition (God is…Look at your pre-treatment section C for describing God)

Ex: God is everywhere from the stars in the sky to the cells in my body. God is Freedom. God is Joy. God is Infinite Abundance. God is Love.

2) Unification..(I am…Using the logic that ‘As God is, I Am’…use those same God qualities to say what YOU are)

Ex: Because as God is, I am….because I am one with God I am that which God is therefore I AM Freedom. I am Joy. I am Infinite Abundance. I am Love.

3) Realization (Because I am the ______ of Spirit, this is the Good that is now mine, refer to your pre-treatment section B)

Ex: Because as God Is, I am…God’s Good is my good and so I know that I am free from stress and anxiety, I know I am enjoying life and having fun, I know more money then I ever dreamed, and I know that I am loved and loving.

4) Thanksgiving (Gratitude)

Ex: I am so grateful I am so blessed. I am so grateful for all the Freedom, Joy, Abundance, and Health in my life. Grateful for all of God’s good flowing through and around me.

I am so grateful I am so blessed. I am so grateful for all the Good, the Ease, the Abundance, the Prosperity, the Joy, the Love. Grateful for all of God’s Good flowing through and around me.

5) Release

Ex: I release these things to the universe and know that there are laws that have already made them so. That there are laws taking care of the rest.


So that I may lead by example, here is a sample prayer from me.


I am having difficulties finding more coffee shops willing to expand their tea line to serve Herbal Philosophy Teas. What I want instead is for people to open their minds, think outside of the box, and do something to differentiate their store. Dive into a new culture of tea. And at least give the teas a trial run, because they’ve been wildly popular during tastings at the market and at the shops of my current customers, and I’m confident that any trial run will turn into a lasting customer.

I want to experience success as a business owner, I want to teach other people to start taking good care of their bodies using herbal remedies. I want to teach them that taking care of your health can taste good.

Life wants to express through me abundance, ease, prosperity, good, wisdom, truth. (I chose to use “Life” instead of “God” to show a variation.)


God is everywhere from the stars in the sky to the cells in my body. God is Abundance. God is Ease. God is Prosperity. God is Good. God is Wisdom. God is Truth.

Because as God is, I am….because I am one with God I am that which God is therefore I AM Abundance. I am Ease. I am Prosperity. I am Good. I am Wisdom. I am Truth.

Because I am one with the Spirit, God’s Good is my good and so I know that I am experiencing infinite abundance. My business ventures are unfolding with ease. I am already prosperous. I have already discovered truths and wisdom to share with the world. I continue to learn greater truths and wisdom with each day.

I release these things to the universe and know that there are laws that have already made them so. That there are laws taking care of the rest.

Do you believe in the power of prayer? If so, do you pray? Why or why not?

Do you think you’ll use this prayer template? It’s okay to be honest. I am curious 🙂


  1. Lucy, what a great post! I pray in a similar fashion as you. Reading Rhonda Byne’s The Secret really helped teach me how to frame my prayers properly and maintain a positive, powerful mindset. I know your tea company will become a smashing success!


  2. I’m not likely to use this template, I am not disciplined enough to follow a system. But I think it has some excellent points. I believe in the power of inner strength. I have found this year that making goals and following a path to achieve them has made a big positive change in my life.


    1. Sometimes it’s just easier to send your prayers into the universe as they come to you rather than follow a template. I’ve never followed a template until now, and I don’t use it every time.

      Good for you for making goals and achieving them. Some people are too scared to dream…


  3. Glad I found your blog. This post is very specific. It reminds me of what Unity teaches as a form of prayer. I use denials and affirmations with a great deal of gratitude and releasing. My format may vary, but contains many of the components you have detailed. I write about different kinds of prayer on my blog and would love your feedback. Namaste, Sherry

    Daily Spiritual Tools


    1. Yes, it’s all about unity! And gratitude and letting go. I love to find like-minded people. Can’t wait to visit your blog.


  4. thank you for sharing this post. Although I wouldn’t use a prayer template, I whole heartedly believe in the power of prayer, it is a fundamental part of my day, every day. I believe that prayer is the main source of communication for me and God, and an integral part of our relationship and I talk to Him as I would talk to you or anyone else, just as real and natural as breathing. We build our relationships in life by spending time with people, and the same is true with God. There are some things in life other people just can’t do for you, and spending time with God is one of them. Uninterrupted, undiluted time spent drawing near to Him is always time worth spent and the more I seek, the more I find….have a glorious day sweet bella


    1. Beautifully said. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on prayer. For me, meditation is *quality time* to spend with God. There is a depth of his presence in the stillness.


    1. Thank you! Some days are wonderful and some days are a struggle. I realized that I was praying about other things but NOT my business. Thus this post was born 🙂


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