tuesday food day: the truth about diet soda

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My blogging buddy, Kristin, at Peace, Love and Muesli wrote a post last week that resonated with me: 10 Reasons Diet Soda Should Not Be Your Friend. Maybe it’s because I know so many people who drink diet soda (you know who you are), or because I used to drink diet soda myself, or because I just instinctually know how harmful the stuff is. But I feel the need to share this information with you. The first step to change is awareness, and one of my dreams is to help change the health of my family, my friends and the rest of the world. For the better, one step at a time.

This is why I started Tuesday Food Day. And today, I will do what I can to obliterate society’s diet soda obsession. I’m only one voice and one blog though. So I hope you will spread the word.

The first reason why diet soda should not be your friend? It destroys tooth enamel. To read the remaining nine reasons, see the original post at Peace, Love and Muesli.

And Dad? No. Splenda is not good for you.


  1. As a recovering addict myself I can attest to the nasty side effects! You never know how much better you’ll feel once you kick the bubbly chemical juice (as my hubby calls it).


  2. It seems that the foods I love are all among those that are bad for me. Used to get caught up in all the worrying and then I quit. I am much happier now.

    Not suggesting that people do likewise, it just works better for me.


    1. Haha. Well stress is not good, so if that’s what works for you, than so be it. I do blog about other topics besides nutrition, so I hope you stick around 🙂


  3. I’ve actually cut almost all Coke, etc. completely from my diet. I’ll drink it if we eat at a sit down place – which is once every 2 weeks. before, i was drinking a can a day, so that’s a huge decrease.


    1. Good job, Liz!! If you really love something, I believe that you should continue to treat yourself in small amounts. And I agree that the diet soda from a restaurant always tastes better than from a can.


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