words of wisdom: starting a healthy lifestyle

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“Think of a giant flywheel. It is very heavy to start pushing it, almost impossible to move it. But you keep pushing, and pushing, and after a very long hard time of exertion the wheel is now moving, and because it is so heavy, it gains momentum and starts spinning faster and faster, and carried forth by its own weight, you don’t even have to touch it any more, and it is just spinning effortlessly on its own in perpetual motion.

Likewise it is difficult to start a healthy lifestyle. The flywheel is heavy with bad habits, negative emotions, weight, and inertia. But you keep fighting that good fight. You don’t give up. You keep trying. You try different things, new things, and then at last you have it! You get that momentum going. Slowly at first. It just gives you enough energy to try a little harder. And then you make that breakthrough, and you know you can do it! And then all these healthy habits that took so much effort suddenly seem fun, your healthy lifestyle is in full swing, and gathering momentum, and a life of its own!”

~ Motivational Reading from http://www.TheGardenDiet.com/28days

Do you have any words of wisdom for starting a healthy lifestyle?

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Since several of you were taken with Emile’s photographs, I’ve decided to post a few more, leaving you to once again contemplate the perspective of a 4 year old. And the smiles of my beautiful friends.


  1. thanks for this post, so true. I have to say when I am being faithful to the clean eating regiment, I am so full of energy but I must confess I fell off the wagon at the beginning of this year just before my son was born, and i TOO have been eating a lil something sweet each day, which wouldn’t be a big deal, but I have been eating too sporadically and not enough, and I know this isn’t good especially nursing. So, sweet bella, I am typing to say you have inspired me with your thoughtful posts to snap out of it and get back on the bus – and I am starting with getting my kids out today for a little exercise. We found out the hard way my son is allergic to amoxicillin, so it’s been a looong, very looong, itchy, and sleepless week, but i think the fresh air and sunshine will do him some good, and me too! so, i’m going to put them in the double stroller and go for a nice prayer walk, and, will be stocking up on tons of fruits and veggies before we take off for a long weekend at the lake! keep shining sweet bella!


    1. No one is perfect! But it is important to keep your energy up by eating small meals through out the day. Personally, I don’t ever have a problem remembering to eat 🙂 Good for you for getting out for some exercise. I did as well this morning and it was an uplifting start to my day. Hope yours is peaceful and happy!


  2. Fantastic analogy! I’m going to start using that one when I feel like I am moving away from my healthy lifestyle. The most important words of wisdom that I like about starting a healthy lifestyle are to “do it for yourself.” So many think they should get healthy for their kids, and while I totally agree–I, for one as an older mom, really have no choice but to be healthy–it’s not a reason that will sustain healthy choices. Stay motivated because you will more definitely like yourself more.


    1. I’m so glad you made this comment. I exercise and eat healthy because it’s the least I can do for myself. I do it for myself. And I want to teach my kids to have the same self-respect.


  3. I realize that an unhealthy diet didn’t happen overnight — it was a chain of choices made, meal after meal. Bite by bite, I can make healthier choices today than I made yesterday. Small steps still lead to progress!

    Great post — and great look of the site! I love it!


  4. Create an inspiring vision and keep your goals manageable. By this I mean, what works is to focus on consistency (doing what you know to do every day) vs. intensity (starting fast and burning out).

    Love the 4 year old perspective!


    1. Great advice. It’s better to change your habits slowly rather then all at once. I tend to burn myself out when it comes to exercise. I need to build the intensity rather than start so fast! Thanks for the comment and words of wisdom.


  5. Have been thinking a lot about this later. I think the problem is that it seems such a mountainous challenge. I used to ride my bike a lot with a friend, who was an experienced cyclist. As we approached a big hill, I’d gasp and slow down. She’d speed up! “They never seem as big once you’re on them,” she’d say. “So it’s best to get as much of a run-up as possible.”

    You’ve inspired me to write my own blog post on this soon. Thanks!


    1. Interesting. My husband does the same thing while running or cycling, he accelerates on the hills! I never did this before, but I noticed that it would make the hill seem much more manageable. He says that he just likes to get the pain out of the way as fast as possible 🙂 I hope you do write a blog post on this! We could always use the inspiration.


  6. I have tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout my life. We have always eaten what I like to call a Mediterranean diet. And processed foods are just not good, not good at all. Having said that, I do have a sweet tooth and a junk tooth. It’s funny, if it’s not in the house I don’t miss it. But if something junky passes my lips, then there is a craving for it.

    Exercise and eating right makes all the difference in the world. If I’m not doing both of those, I feel sluggish. And feeling sluggish is just an awful feeling.


    1. I love the Mediterranean diet. That’s usually how we eat as well. So healthy, so delicious! Hubby and I both have voracious sweet tooths. Always have, always will. It’s ok to allow treats every once in a while, right? The hardest part is stopping once you’ve started.


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